Melania Trump Has Arrived In England And She Dressed Just Like Meghan Markle

Leon NealGetty Images

On Thursday, Melania Trump arrived in England for the first official visit to the country with her husband, President Donald Trump. The couple is set to have tea with the Queen of England on Friday while doing a number of other business and personal things during their stay. As the First Lady arrived in England, the fashion gurus of the world happened to notice that she was wearing a dress which gave a striking resemblance to one worn by the newest member of the Royal Family – Meghan Markle.

As reported by Vanity Fair, Melania Trump wore a Roland Mouret cocktail dress with a little red belt which is available at Saks. The dress isn’t the cheapest thing in the world and one wouldn’t expect it to be, but it can be yours for $1,365 plus tax.

While the First Lady looked stunning as she arrived in England, there were a lot of people who couldn’t help but notice her look had a similar feel about it.

Earlier this week, Meghan Markle headed out on her first international trip as a member of the Royal Family as she visited Ireland for a two-day tour of duty. It was at that point that the world saw a powerful and strong woman in a similar outfit for the first time.

While the looks aren’t exactly the same, it is difficult to ignore the color, the lines, and the overall look of the two dresses when compared side-by-side. Markle also wore a similar-style dress on the evening before her wedding, and it is obvious that she is a true fan of Roland Mouret who also designed her appearance.

To go ahead and say that Melania Trump was purposely to emulate the look of Meghan Markle is taking things a bit too far, but the resemblance is certainly there and it has the Internet talking.

England is the second stop on the European tour for President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. The night before, they were in Belgium and still have visits to both Scotland and Helsinki, Finland before returning home.

As is always to be expected, the fashion eyes of the world will continue to be on Melania to see just what she will wear next.

Even though Melania Trump stepped out in a very similar dress to that of Meghan Markle for their arrival in England, the Duchess is not expected to be a part of the festivities. Tea with Queen Elizabeth II is on tap for Friday at Windsor Castle, but the rest of their schedule isn’t exactly known. Everyone is waiting to see just how the meeting goes between Donald Trump and the Queen of England, but for now, the talk is of the First Lady and the Duchess.