Viral Video Shows A Black Man Being Told To Leave His Own Pool By Police

Rob KimGetty Images

A viral video captures an incident in which Shayne Holland, a black resident in an apartment complex, is told to leave his own pool. Holland said that he was approached by an off-duty officer, who did not identify herself and asked for his address.

Despite seemingly being familiar with the tenant and confirming his residency, the apartment complex manager told Holland to leave.

When speaking to the Indianapolis Star, Holland said the following.

“I had my headphones when she approached me so I didn’t hear her the first time. When I asked her to repeat herself, she asked if I lived in the neighborhood. I said yes. When she asked where I lived, I said I don’t know you and you haven’t identified yourself, so I’m not just going to give you my address.”

The report notes that Holland showed the unidentified officer, who was moonlighting as a security guard, his pool access key, which she grabbed from his hand.

The apartment manager and the resident communicate on a first name basis and she confirms that Holland is a tenant. However, the situation did not end there.

In the video, Holland calls the manager, who is referred to as Candice, assuming that she will confirm his residency and end the dispute. The manager can also be heard telling the officer that he is a tenant.

Holland said he thought the situation would end there telling the Indy Star the following.

“I thought the ordeal would be over… obviously, that wasn’t the case and I was told to leave anyway. Obviously, I was frustrated and I do feel like I was profiled.”

Holland can be heard in the video complaining that the security officer did not approach other tenants at the pool and briefly shows other people in the pool area.

“Why do I need to give this lady, who I don’t know, my address?” Holland asked in the video while noting that he felt threatened.

When Holland asked why he was being told to leave the pool, the manager said it was because he refused to disclose his address.

The company that manages the property Barrett & Stokely responded to the incident on Facebook and revealed in a statement that the manager has been placed on administrative leave. The firm admitted that they had not informed tenants that security will be placed on site and ask for proof of residency.

However, Holland stated that other tenants in the pool area were not asked to prove their address.

This is the latest incident involving police being called in alleged racial profiling disputes.