Miranda Lambert Admits Carrie Underwood Is A Better Singer: ‘She Can Sing Circles Around Me’

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Miranda Lambert is opening up about her singing ability and revealing that she thinks fellow country superstar Carrie Underwood is a much better singer than her. Miranda made the confession in a new interview with Cincinnati.com, where she gushed over her friend’s incredible voice and the competition the duo has in the country music world.

When asked about he singing ability rather than her skills as a singer and a songwriter, Lambert confessed that she’s aware she doesn’t necessarily have the most powerhouse voice.

“There’s a lot better singers than me. I always say I’m more of a stylist. I’m not one of those powerhouse vocalists,” Lambert said, adding that she wishes she had more powerful vocals.

That’s when Miranda sweetly praised Carrie, admitting that she thinks the former American Idol winner’s voice is better than hers.

“Carrie Underwood can sing circles around me,” Miranda said, but added that what she lacks in power, she makes up for in emotion when it comes to her songs.

She then revealed that she enjoys being in competition with Underwood, as they’re regularly up for the same awards at country music award shows.

“Maybe I’m not the greatest singer in the world, but I feel like I deliver with emotion, because I mean it, and sometimes that’s more important than singing big notes, even if I could,” the “Tin Man” singer said.

“But I respect female vocalists such as Carrie for their talent. I love to be in competition. I think it’s healthy for all us women to push each other and to help each other and to inspire each other to be better.”

Notably, Miranda’s praise for Carrie comes after years of friendship between the two, who even collaborated on the 2014 single “Somethin’ Bad.”

Lambert has confessed in the past that she doesn’t think she can compete with Underwood when it comes to vocal talents, as Rolling Stone reported earlier this year that she believes the mom of one is one of the greatest singers of any genre.

Miranda Lambert thinks Carrie Underwood is a much better singer than she is
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After seeing Carrie return to the stage, Lambert told the outlet that she was “proud” to see her back performing after a nasty fall that saw the singer get more than 40 stitches in her face and added that the star could sing her under the table with her vocals.

“[Carrie’s] one of the greatest singers of all time in any genre of music and can sing me under the table,” she said of her fellow country singer.

But it’s not just the “Gunpowder and Lead” singer who’s been doing all the gushing in interviews, as Underwood has also shared her love and admiration for Lambert in the past.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in November 2016, the “Cry Pretty” singer confessed that she’s a big fan of Miranda and her music because she puts so much of her life and experiences into her albums.

“Miranda’s just so good at everything she does,” Carrie told the outlet of her friend at the time when asked about her anticipation for the album The Weight of These Wings, which the star has confessed was inspired by her divorce from former husband Blake Shelton. “She’s such a great songwriter.”

The duo has notably been close friends for a number of years, even before their 2011 duet.

E! News reported back in 2015 that Lambert even bought Underwood a motorcycle for thanking her for appearing on their powerhouse collaboration, which Carrie showed off on social media.