Man Who Accused Larry Hernandez Of Assault May Be Facing Charges For Fraud

On September 30, Mexican singer Larry Hernandez went before a judge in California after being charged with kidnap and third degree assault. The charges came after a man claimed that Hernandez, along with an associate, wrapped him in clear plastic wrap then proceeded to beat him. Supposedly, this happened after a concert promoter did not pay Larry the amount of money he had originally been promised following a concert that Hernandez had performed at in Newberry, South Carolina.

Larry Hernandez
Mexican singer Larry Hernandez faces kidnap and third degree assault charges [Photo Courtesy of El Gordo y La Flaca/Instagram]Just a week later, on October 6, new details regarding the alleged victim in the Hernandez case surfaced, as reported by Latin Times. The victim, Jesús Andrade, insisted that Larry had kidnapped him and took him to a skate park where he was attacked by Hernandez and a friend. However, a source says that Andrade was never actually kidnapped by Larry. Onésimo Reyes, a restaurant owner who was working with Andrade that night, has a different perception of the night's events.

According to Reyes, Hernandez never kidnapped Andrade. He said that he had seen Jesús in the front seat of a vehicle, but it didn't look as though he had been forced in there by Larry. There were no signs of him being tied down or restrained either. Reyes also said that he had come back with a video that showed Hernandez not letting Andrade out of the car.

"They came saying that 'El Gordo' had been kidnapped, his name is Chuy, but truth to be told I never saw the man being kidnapped because it was like 15 minutes. I saw him in the car, I never saw him being tied down because he was riding at the front of the bus. The next day they came in saying that they beat him up, he came in with a video where Larry doesn't let him get out of the bus because he needed his money."
Latin Times reports that Reyes recently accused Andrade of fraud and is suing him over an incident involving fake deeds, which took place the night that Andrade was allegedly kidnapped by Hernandez.

Reyes is just one of the five business owners that Jesús apparently scammed on the night he was allegedly beaten by Larry. Reportedly, Andrade was trading his property for different amounts of money. It turns out that the alleged victim of Hernandez had given all five people the same deed to his property, which was worth only $7,000, in exchange or large sums of money.

"We found out several of us had the same title with different money amounts, I'm talking about $20,000. This is why we decided to come together and sue."
Larry Hernandez
Larry Hernandez is extradited to South Carolina to face kidnap and assault charges [Photo Courtesy of El Gordo y La Flaca/Instagram]While Jesús might face charges for fraud, Larry is right in the middle of the legal case in which he was accused of assaulting Andrade.

The attack Hernandez was accused of took place on August 16 in South Carolina. Larry had fled and had a fugitive warrant out for him. Over a month later, officials were notified that Larry had boarded a plane from Denver, Colorado, to Ontario, California. When Hernandez arrived at the Ontario airport, he was immediately detained by Los Angeles police officers. Larry then went before a California judge for voluntary extradition to South Carolina.

Sources recently reported that Hernandez was unable to be extradited to South Carolina. Hernandez was being kept in Rancho Cucamonga, California, after he had been detained at the California airport. Latin Times confirmed that this information was false and that Larry was, in fact, on his way to Newberry, South Carolina, to face charges of kidnap and third degree assault.

Larry Hernandez will stand before a judge within 24 hours of arriving in South Carolina.

[Photo Courtesy of El Gordo y La Flaca/Instagram]