July 11, 2018
John Stamos Shares Adorable New Photo Of Himself And Son Taking Manhattan

Have mercy! Could John Stamos be the hottest dad ever?

Two days ago, the former Full House star made fans swoon as he shared a photo of himself and son Billy, who was born in April, on his Instagram page. In the photo, John can be seen walking around Times Square with little Billy in tow as the billboards of New York City are illuminated just behind him. The father of one looks incredibly handsome in a black shirt with his dark hair gelled and parted to the side. In the photo, Stamos opts to wear his signature aviator glasses as well as a bracelet on his left wrist.

He holds son Billy in a carrier at his chest as the baby peeks out over the top of the carrier. The three-month-old sports striped blue and white pants and a pair of socks. A ton of John's 1.5 million Instagram followers gushed over the photo, mentioning how handsome Stamos always looks while countless others just referred to him as a hot dad. Within two days of the post, the photo has already garnered 208,000 likes as well as 1,000 plus comments.

"Ah... fathering is looking good on you."
"Love seeing you so happy and enjoy being a father," another fan said.

"I am so overwhelmed by the adorableness of this photo that I could cry," one more gushed.

But even though Stamos received his fair share of positive comments on the photo, a few people were quick to criticize him over the way that little Billy is sitting in the baby carrier. According to Yahoo, some were angry that the baby was sitting in a forward-facing position as many experts suggest that babies should not face that way until they are at least four to six months old.

"He is absolutely adorable, but he is way too young/little to be forward-facing in a baby carrier. You need one where baby's tummy is against your tummy. My almost 10-month-old is still in a baby carrier where his tummy against my tummy," one fan scolded.

"He's too young to comfortably and safely be worn forward-facing! His little hips are not ready," another wrote.

It does not appear as though the 54-year-old has responded to any of the critics over his latest post. But it's clear that Stamos is totally in love with his little boy and would do nothing to intentionally harm him. People shares that Stamos gave his little one a sweet shoutout on the Fourth of July.
"This is Billy's first Fourth. Since we're all here together at the nation's capital, I think this is the perfect setting for me to pass on the lessons and love for this great nation that my grandfather passed on to my father and my father passed on to me. My son, for over two centuries America has given us an opportunity to be part of its great legacy."
Can you say adorable?