Olivia Culpo Gets Her Vitamin D In Red & White Striped Bikini

Olivia Culpo looks cool as a cucumber in her latest Instagram post. The 26-year-old former Miss Universe posted a new photo to Instagram which shows her soaking up her Vitamin D (and Vitamin C!) while wearing a red and white striped bikini by Italian beachwear company Calzedonia.

Culpo's ice cold orange juice drink appears be keeping her cool, and those big white shades don't hurt either, so it's hard to believe the model was actually sweating it out during the recent bathing suit photo shoot.

According to TMZ, the Rhode-Island-bred model struck poses all day long in a 115 degree desert near Palm Springs, California, for a photo shoot with Vital Proteins. Ahead of the shoot, Culpo posted a teaser for her nearly 3 million followers on Instagram, writing, "Made it to Palm Springs!! Shooting something exciting with @vitalproteins all day. Can't wait to show you guys this project."

Olivia Culpo put on her best poker face to make it seem as though she was having the time of her life in the scorching heat. But the Daily Mail revealed that Culpo told her fans it was so hot that they could "only shoot, like, 20 minutes at a time." Sounds like that made for a very long day.

Of course, the gorgeous model had plenty of help in her attempt to keep cool. TMZ reports that Culpo's photo shoot perks included umbrella holders and assistants equipped with water bottles to spray her down.

Olivia Culpo appears to have made the trip to Palm Springs solo, while boyfriend Danny Amendola braved the Texas heat. You can see Olivia Culpo's sizzling bikini shot below.

Olivia Culpo has logged some time as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, so she knows her way around a sexy suit—and a bikini photo shoot. Last year, Culpo told Pop Sugar she even plays favorites with her swimsuits. Culpo talked about her collection with LeTote and revealed her favorite swimsuit style of the season.

"I'm really into the Bay-kinis," Culpo revealed. "A Bay-kini is when the cutouts for the legs are super high. It's called the Bay-kini because it's like the Baywatch swimsuit."

Olivia Culpo is now back to work after a recent vacation with her on-and-off boyfriend Danny Amendola. In late June, the NFL wide receiver posted a video of the high-profile pair on his Instagram Story, which showed them having a great time together during an Ibiza getaway.