Selena Gomez Dons 'Only The Strong Survive' T-Shirt After Ex Justin Bieber Confirms His Engagement

While the news of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's engagement continues to travel through the media, all eyes are seemingly on the "Baby" singer's ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The "Wolves" singer, 25, was recently spotted in New York City wearing a T-shirt with the words, "Only The Strong Survive," written on the shirt's breast-pocket in bold, white capitalized letters, as reported by E! News.

Gomez was busy living it up on boat cruise through New York City with her pals on Sunday when the engagement rumors hit the media waves. At the time, sources claim that the "Back To You" singer was unphased by the rumor and couldn't be bothered in any which direction.

Bieber's sudden engagement to Baldwin, 21, took fans by surprise as the two, who dated previously, had just struck up their romance again a month ago following the "One Time" singer's split from Gomez shortly before that. The couple became engaged while vacationing in the Bahamas on Sunday. Bieber confirmed the engagement was in fact real on Monday via his Instagram.

Now that the engagement has been official, fans are wondering if Gomez has changed her tune since she was spotted hitting the streets in the Big Apple with some friends on Tuesday sporting the aforementioned "Only The Strong Survive" shirt. However, the shirt's message is not clearly visible as Gomez's long locks kind of cover it up. The "Come & Get It" singer was even reportedly asked to comment on her ex's recent engagement, but she decided to ignore the question altogether.


Bieber, 24, and Gomez had been in an on-and-off relationship since they first began dating back in 2010. The couple recently called their rekindled romance back off again back in March and this time, it seems to be for good.

Although his fans have been pouring in their support through social media, there are some who had secretly hoped that he and the "Natural" singer, famously dubbed "Jelena" by the media, would find their way back to each other.

However, the "Bad Liar" singer's attitude hasn't changed. She still doesn't care that her ex is engaged, and although she was reportedly "surprised" by how fast the engagement happened, one source claimed that the fact that it was Bieber who did it wasn't surprising to her at all.


"Selena was surprised an engagement happened this quickly but not surprised Justin would do something like this knowing who he is," said the source. "At the end of the day though she doesn't really care," the source added.

The source also went on to say that the "Hands To Myself" singer is "totally over him" and has accepted that things just didn't work out between them. In fact, Bieber isn't even on the "Good For You" singer's radar.

"Selena is definitely on a different path right now and in a much better place since Justin is out of the picture. Mentally she is done with him. She isn't focused on dating as much as she's just really focusing on herself. She's happy right now just spending time with her girlfriends and going to church."
Despite the fact that Gomez knows her ex is one to make "rash decisions" ultimately, when it comes to Bieber and Baldwin's engagement, she "wishes them both the best."

So it would seem that although her choice in T-shirts comes at a rather delicate time, it really was just a shirt and fans, therefore, shouldn't think too much of it for now.