'The Bachelorette' Favorite Wills Reid Speaks Out About Possibly Becoming The Next 'Bachelor,' Reports 'ET'

The Bachelorette fans said goodbye to a fan favorite during Monday night's brand new episode. Wills Reid, who had captured the heart of many viewers, said his goodbye to Becca Kufrin during the episode, and many fans immediately began to campaign to make him the next star of The Bachelor.

According to a July 10 report by Entertainment Tonight, Wills Reid was heartbroken when he wasn't given a rose by Becca as she narrowed her group of men down to the final four. Wills was reportedly blindsided when Kufrin decided to move forward with Jason and send him home. Now, many are hoping that he will get another shot at love by becoming the next star of The Bachelor.

When asked if he has already been contacted to become the new star of The Bachelor, Wills Reid smiled and said, "No comment," adding that the idea is "out there" and has been big on Twitter. On Monday night after Wills' elimination fans began to rally around Reid becoming ABC's new leading man so much that it even became a trending topic on the social media site.

However, Wills did confess that he has not been contacted by anyone who has asked him if he has interest in becoming the new Bachelor. "Have I spoken to anyone about being the next Bachelor? No," he stated.

Reid also admitted that he was "devastated" by going home and not being with Becca Kufrin, saying that it took some time for him to readjust to life after returning back to his daily life.
"[I went] back to reality a little bit, cleansed a bit. I feel like I put a lot of time in a relationship, and I need to realize that I need to put a lot of time into myself as well. I play soccer a lot... I'm a huge uncle, great uncle, uncle of the year. I just like to hang out with [my nieces and nephews] and de-stress."
Meanwhile, Wills admits that even before appearing on The Bachelorette and meeting Becca Kufrin that he knew what he wanted in a partner, saying that he needs someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously, is kind, and wants to build something special together. It seems that if Wills is chosen to be the next Bachelor star he will already have a good idea of what kind of life partner he is looking for.