Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors Surface After Singer Allegedly 'Rubs Her Stomach' On Stage

After Beyoncé's show in Rome on July 8 with Jay-Z as part of her On The Run II tour, fans are buzzing with rumors that the singer is pregnant...again! This all happened because while she was singing "03 Bonnie & Clyde," she rubbed her stomach and smiled, according to Us Magazine.

If true, this could be baby No. 4 for the happy couple, who just a year ago welcomed twins Rumi and Sir as the newest additions to their family. Blue Ivy, their other daughter, is now six years old.

Beyond just the stomach-rubbing, fans say that Beyoncé and Jay-Z's favorite number is four, since their birthdays fall on the fourth. Beyoncé's is in September, and Jay-Z's is in April. The number four also was used in their album releases, with Beyoncé dropping 4 in 2011 and Jay-Z titling an album 4:44 in 2017.

So one fan pointed out, "Her favorite number is 4 so I'm not surprised she wants to be surrounded by it." Another said, "Oh my god she planned this."

And for those that truly believe Beyoncé is pregnant, concerns are already surfacing about what it might be like for her to give birth again after the twins. Others wonder, "What if she has another set of twins," while another said, "Or triplets."

The doubters say that "I'm going to believe that this is a food baby and she just dancing sexy." However, others have pointed out that she was photographed with a beer by her side just a week ago.Fans already are saying things like "She's gotta be pregnant, guys. Look at her recent pictures. She's covering up. And last normal pic of her was a month ago," according to Life And Style Magazine.

The On The Run Tour II has been a great success so far. The first show was in Cardiff, Wales, and it's full of all sorts of surprises. From entering from an elevator to babies that some thought were the twins, concertgoers love the spectacle. Also, the show integrates video footage that the couple shot together in Jamaica and ends with footage of the two of them renewing their vows in front of their three kids, detailed Vulture.

There seems to be a theme of family, with people getting glimpses of home videos. But that's also mixed in with a Bonnie & Clyde theme. And as far as the merch goes, there are tons of hoodies that say things that hint at Jay-Z's infidelity, including "F*ckery," "the fight," and "the revenge."