'General Hospital' Spoilers: Peter Pleads With Nina, Franco Talks With Finn, And Carly Opens Up To Kevin

This is a big week for fans of General Hospital, as spoilers suggest that there are significant developments in store for both Peter and Nelle. Young Wyatt has revealed to Franco that Obrecht is connected to the man in the woods while Nelle is a day away from supposedly marrying Michael. Where are things headed in Tuesday's show?

The latest sneak peek from Twitter shows that Peter will beg Nina to help him escape. General Hospital spoilers detail that he will promise not to implicate Nina if she helps him, and it looks as if this gives her pause. Nina will be accusing someone of being a stalker, and Franco and Finn will apparently have a disagreement regarding Peter.

According to the General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Finn will become increasingly suspicious. Teasers hint that Finn and Franco will soon head out into the woods to try to find the cabin Wyatt referenced, but it doesn't look as if Obrecht is letting go of her captive yet. Nina may play a central role in what comes next, but she'll soon face questions from Valentin that could leave her rattled.

Sam has also been working on finding Peter, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she'll find a clue of some sort during Tuesday's show. Of course, she has had a couple of different investigations going on lately, but it seems likely her discovery will be connected to Peter and she'll talk with Curtis about it.

Carly is quite unhappy to know that Michael is planning to marry Nelle and General Hospital spoilers detail that she will talk with Kevin about the Nelle situation. She'll say that she could have fought this nemesis of hers in her sleep, and teasers for the week have indicated that she'll struggle to keep her cool at Ferncliff. There are also hints that the mystery patient next to her will factor into things to some extent this week too.

Michael will talk with Jason and tell him that the wedding is slated for tomorrow, and he will also be making an apology to someone of some sort. Jason doesn't like this plan regarding marrying Nelle, but he is also doing his best to let Michael do what he feels he needs to do.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Chase and Nelle will snark at one another a bit, as he'll tell her that this isn't going to work, while she'll surely be feeling confident that she's about to get everything she's wanted. However, teasers do share that she'll be feeling shaken at some point during Tuesday's episode.

It appears that Tuesday's episode will set the stage for fireworks to explode beginning on Wednesday and General Hospital spoilers suggest that there's plenty of drama on the way. Will Michael marry Nelle and will Peter finally get out of the cabin? Fans cannot wait to find out.