Nicki Minaj Sends Explicit DMs While Superfans Send Death Threats To Blogger Over Single Tweet, Says ‘NYT’

The New York Times spoke with a 26-year-old blogger, Wanna Thompson, who has become the latest blogger to be harassed and attacked after criticizing Nicki Minaj. Since Thompson published the fateful tweet, her life has been turned upside down. Thompson’s original tweet from June 29 states the following.

“You know how dope it would be if Nicki put out mature content? No silly sh*t. Just reflecting on past relationships, being a boss, hardships, etc. She’s touching 40 soon, a new direction is needed.”

Thompson had about 14,000 Twitter followers at the time, which has now ballooned to around 20,000 followers. She had grown her audience as a cultural writer, focusing on hip-hop, both on her personal site and on social media.

So what started as a piece of criticism, ballooned into something that nobody could control. It appears that Minaj’s superfans alerted the star to Thompson’s tweets. Minaj responded with a list of songs that she believed fit the “mature content” that Thompson was referring to.

“Pills n POTIONS. Bed of Lies. I’m gettin ready. Nobody. Save me. Autobiography. The Crying game. I lied. All things go. Buy a heart. GRAND Piano.”

It appeared that things would eventually blow over, even though Thompson was getting a lot of hate from superfans. However, the blogger surprisingly received two DMs from Minaj, which Thompson eventually decided to publish on her Twitter, saying that “Nicki Minaj exhibited #Queen behaviour when she hopped in my DMs and insulted me numerous times over an innocent music opinion while her fans continue to harass me and DM me death threats. This is NOT okay.”

The DMs from Minaj are fairly explicit.

“When ya ugly a** was 24 u were pushing 30? I’m 34. I’m touching 40? Lol. And what does that have to do with my music? Eat a d**k u hating a** h*e. Got the nerve to have a trini flag on ur page. You must not have heard the Pinkprint, Or pills n potions, Bed of lies, save me, my recent feature with Alicia keys, Tasha cobbs. Just say u jealous I’m rich, famous intelligent, pretty and go! But wait! Leave my b*lls! Tired of u sucking them.”

And if that weren’t enough, Minaj continued.

“I dropped my album almost 4 years ago. My bad I’m 35. So at 31. How about you GET LIKE ME? Why don’t you ask me to help you get RICH!? Been on top & I ain’t going NOWHERE HOOOOOOO”

As a result of the drama, Thompson was fired from her writing internship with and is now under constant harassment and attacks from superfans. She’s received death threats and says that others have told her to kill herself. All of her social media accounts are under attack, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Thompson also gets hate mail in her email inbox and somehow, others have gotten a hold of her personal cell phone number.

This isn’t the first time that a critic has had their life turned upside down by Minaj and her superfans. Jerome Trammel in June sought to file legal action against the singer for a range of charges, including cyberbullying and mass harassment, according to the Inquisitr. Trammel believed that Minaj was being hypocritical when she spoke out against “modern day prostitutes,” as he accused her of promiscuous lyrics. In Trammel’s case, Minaj tweeted that her fans should “go beat that n**ga like he stole [something].”