Awkward Duggar Video Of Josiah And Lauren Has Everyone Worried About The New Bride

It was only a matter of time before Lauren and Josiah Duggar made their dutiful appearance in front of a camera after they got back from their honeymoon. Every newly married couple in this family goes the extra mile to thank their fans for their love and support. However, this may have just been deemed the most awkward Duggar video ever. It was posted on the family's YouTube channel on Tuesday and it seems to have made many who watched it a little uncomfortable.

The short clip featured the newly hitched couple sitting in a car with the camera rolling. It was very hard to hear and understand exactly what Lauren was saying throughout the video, but it was mainly how great the wedding was. She also thanked everyone for their support. Josiah chipped in and said that marriage is a blessing from the Lord and that they are looking forward to their ministry together.

Josiah and Lauren ended the clip with a kiss. Viewers commented that it looked like she was pulling away before her husband was ready to. The whole thing made Lauren seem a little off, and both Duggar fans and non-Duggar fans were quick in trying to figure out why.

One comment on Facebook said, "Ugh, that was hard to watch." That seemed to be the consensus for those who had seen it. However, there were many Duggar fans who thought the two lovebirds were sweet and offered them their best wishes.

Lauren did seem a little out of breath at times while she was talking. She even sighed a bit in between her words. Some people chalked it up to her just being nervous in front of the camera. She may just be more camera shy than the other Duggar-in-laws are. Others were wondering if she suffers from something like asthma.

While it may have just been a case of awkwardness for the new bride, some people who are not exactly Duggar fans are convinced that she is already unhappy with her marriage to Josiah. They are both getting used to being married, and with Lauren being more soft-spoken than the rest of the Duggar clan, she may have just appeared that way. Whatever the case may be, it did seem to be quite awkward and uncomfortable for the newest Mrs. Duggar.

Now that Josiah and Lauren are husband and wife, the baby watch begins. She may already be pregnant. You can follow all things Duggar when a new season of Counting On returns on July 30 at 8 p.m. on TLC.