‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Spoilers: Season 15 Top 10 Reportedly Unveiled, ‘SYTYCD’ Teasers Hint At Twists

Adam RoseFox

So You Think You Can Dance spoilers hint that there is an intriguing mix of dancers slated to be part of the Top 10 group and live shows. Viewers have seen the initial auditions and next up is “The Academy” where the guys and gals will battle for a spot in the Top 20. In reality, the auditions have moved long past that point and details regarding the supposed Top 10 have already emerged.

MJ’s Big Blog has shared big So You Think You Can Dance spoilers regarding the Season 15 Top 10. As the blog details, these spoilers come from reliable sources who follow the auditions through each phase long before anything begins to air on television. While it is possible that this list isn’t 100 percent accurate, SYTYCD spoilers for these types of lists do tend to hit the mark.

As the blog notes, the finalists could be considered to be a rather interesting group in that few of them were featured much in early SYTYCD episodes. That is somewhat unusual, and it could have an impact on the ability of some of these So You Think You Can Dance contestants building up a much-needed viewer following ahead of the viewer voting.

As “The Academy” plays out, the contestants will be whittled down to a Top 20, and TV Guide indicates that the reveal for that group will come in the July 16 show. Then, the top women will be paired with All-Star guys for the July 23 episode of So You Think You Can Dance, with the top guys surely dancing with All-Star ladies the following week. Obviously, it will take a few shows yet before the Top 10 group is formally revealed, but behind the scenes, they’re already preparing for the live shows.

If the So You Think You Can Dance spoilers are accurate, viewers will see Hannahlei Cabanilla, Jensen Arnold, Genessy Castillo, Magdalena Fialek, and Chelsea Hough in the Top 10 on the ladies’ side. For the guys, it seems that Evan Debenedetto, Jay Jay Dixonbey, Darius Hickman, Slavik Pustovoytov, and Cole Mills make it through the eliminations.

There have been teases hinting at twists coming up in Season 15, and it sounds as if viewers have a lot to look forward to in the episodes ahead. While there will be All-Star dancers involved soon, SYTYCD spoilers reveal that they will not be around all season long.

Kristyn Burtt, who always gets great So You Think You Can Dance spoilers to share, said via Instagram a while back that after this upcoming match-up, the All-Stars will not be back until Season 15 is pared down to the Top 6. The buzz is that the show thought that the focus had become too much about the All-Stars and not enough about the new contestants in the past, so they’ve modified things a bit.

Will this rumored Top 10 list for Season 15 of So You Think You Can Dance pan out to be accurate? Which dancer will make it to the end this season on SYTYCD? Spoilers hint that there are great things on the way and fans cannot wait to see the performances that are on the horizon.