Kylie Jenner Removes Lip Fillers, Shows Off Her Smaller Lips

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Kylie Jenner surprised her fans with a more natural look. The reality star shared a photo marking a friendship anniversary with her friend on Instagram.

One fan pointed out her noticeably smaller pout via E! News.

“She looks like the old Kylie here idk why,” the fan stated in the Instagram comment section. Kylie responded to the comment with the following.

“I got rid of all my filler.”

Many fans flooded the comment section with messages of support, stating that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star looks better than ever. One fan commented, “You’re a naturally beautiful girl Kylie. Kudos for letting that natural beauty shine through.”

Another fan wrote, “People always look so much prettier naturally.”

The 20-year-old star became insecure about her lips after a comment from her teenage crush. On an episode of Life of Kylie, Jenner revealed that her first kiss prompted her to get lip injections.

“It was like one of my first kisses and a guy was like, ‘I didn’t think you’d be a good kisser because you have such small lips,'” she told her therapist on the show, according to Business Insider.

Kylie tried using lip liners to extenuate the size of her lips but eventually opted for fillers. The savvy businesswoman launched Kylie Cosmetics amid the hype around her lips. Kylie Jenner has an estimated net worth of $50 million and her cosmetics business has had over $400 million in sales in less than two years.

it’s our 8 year anniversary

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Kylie also has a lucrative sponsorship deal with Puma and her own spinoff series called Life of Kylie. Kylie and Kendall also have their own fashion line.

It is unclear what inspired Kylie’s new look; the 20-year-old reality star has been open about her lips being an insecurity. Some fans think that the reality star is becoming more confident with her natural appearance.

TSRStaff: Thembi! @ThembiTV_ #KylieJenner turned lemons into lemonade when she was criticized for getting her lips done and turned the hate into lip-kits that are now on track to being a billion dollar company. _____________________________________ In a YouTube Q&A with bestie #JordynWoods, #LipKitKylie talks about how her daughter #Stormi has “the most perfect lips in the whole entire world. She didn’t get those from me, I thank her dad for those” _____________________________________ If you need a lil refresher, Kylie opened up about getting lip fillers back in 2015 and said she’d always been insecure about her lips, adding that one of her first kisses told her he thought she wouldn’t be a good kisser because of her small lips.

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Kylie Jenner and rap sensation Travis Scott became parents for the first time in February after she gave birth to Stormi Webster.

In a recent YouTube Q&A, Kylie joked that her daughter got her lips from father Travis Scott.

“[Stormi] has the most perfect lips in the whole entire world. She didn’t get those from me, I thank her dad for those.”

After Kylie Jenner confessed to getting lip injections in 2015, some clinics claimed that a drastic increase for lip filler procedures followed.

Her famous pout also inspired the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” — a social media fad in which people put their lips in a shot glass and suck to temporarily increase its size.