Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Insane Abs On A Date Night With A-Rod

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Jennifer Lopez put her insane abs front and center during a date night with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, proudly showing off her six-pack in a crop top and matching pants as Entertainment Tonight reports that she and her boyfriend of more than a year enjoyed a night out together in Hollywood.

Shortly after Inquisitr reported that she had her toned middle on display while out in NYC, Lopez was revealing all her hard work in the gym on the opposite side of the country in her matching ensemble on July 8. Her outfit consisted of a white and black striped crop top with matching wide-leg pants that revealed a glimpse at her incredibly toned middle.

JLo then teamed her co-ordinated look with a cropped white cardigan and black and grey striped bag as she and Alex had a date night at Craig’s in West Hollywood.

Though Jennifer didn’t show off her full look on her Instagram page, she did share a selfie minus A-Rod on Instagram while seemingly making her way to the restaurant with her boyfriend.

Lopez shared a selfie of her face in the car that showed her wearing the same striped crop top.

“Sunday Funday everyone!!!” she wrote on the social media site, adding a number of sun and fire emojis to her tweet as well as a beach and kissing emoji while out with Alex. The upload has already received more than 1 million likes in just over nine hours.

Jennifer’s ab-baring ensemble marked the second time over the weekend that JLo flaunted her six-pack abs. Inquisitr reported that she also revealed her toned middle on Instagram as she worked out in the gym in a white crop top and skin-tight leggings as she told fans that she was “Gettin’ it in” at the gym.

Lopez’s trainer David Kirsch previously spoke out about how JLo achieves her amazing toned abs through exercise, telling Allure in 2016 that she works seriously hard to get her abs looking so toned.

“For her abs and core, we do stability-ball pikes,” he revealed, adding that Jennifer also likes to work on her abs through an exercise called “stability-ball scissors” where she lays on an exercise ball and scissor kicks her legs.

Lopez has also proven how proud she is of her six-pack on social media as she clapped back at trolls who accused her of photoshopping her middle muscles last year.

Vivala reported that JLo hit back at a number of Instagram users who accused her of editing a photo she shared on the social media site to enhance her toned tummy.

“Omg…Just a smudge on the mirror…lol…not photoshop,” Lopez hit back in the comments section on Instagram. Jennifer then added the hashtags #lordblessthehaters, #gymrat, #youshouldtryit, and #wishtherewasphotoshopforthehaters.

Jennifer Lopez shows off her amazing abs in a crop top during date night with Alex Rodriguez
Featured image credit: Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Speaking to Paper about health and fitness last year, Jennifer revealed that she prefers to workout in the morning which helps her to stay so strong.

“I work out in the morning,” Lopez told the magazine of her gym routine, noting that “it just loosens up my body, gets me ready, keeps me strong.”

“You know, injuries come when the muscles get weak or you over-work them,” Jennnifer continued, “so you have to keep them strong, too.”