‘Big Brother 19’ Legend Jessica Graf Is Not Having Any Of ‘BB20’ Houseguest Kaitlyn’s Antics

Sean GardnerGetty Images

This article contains minor spoilers from Big Brother Live Feeds not yet aired on CBS.

One of the joys of being a Big Brother fan is not just watching the show, but watching past houseguests comment on the current season on social media. Since most houseguests are self-proclaimed superfans, it’s no surprise their love for the game still goes on long after their season is over. Big Brother Season 19 contestant and underdog Jessica Graf is one of these superfans, and her tweets regarding BB20 seem to have one central focus: Kaitlyn Herman.

Since pre-season interviews were released of the BB20 cast, Jessica has had an issue with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn didn’t have great things to say about Cody Nickson or his fiancée, but Jessica was quick to let fans know on Twitter that she and Cody met Kaitlyn’s dad and posed for a picture with him. Jessica then went on to tweet she wouldn’t be rooting for anyone who talked negatively about a veterans gameplay.

On Saturday, players participated in the second Power of Veto competition of the season. After the competition concluded, fans deduced that Jessica and her Season 19 showmance (and now fiancé) Cody were present for the POV. The current houseguests were talking about seeing the happy couple during the competition, but their role in the POV is unknown.

A Big Brother Live Feed twitter account documented a small conversation between Kaitlyn and Tyler Crispen after the POV competition, where Kaitlyn seemed determined to stir things up. Kaitlyn apparently told Tyler that Jessica had smiled at him and that she was flirting with him. According to Kaitlyn, Jessica liked Tyler and she saw a connection between the two of them. Tyler responded by letting Kaitlyn know Jessica was engaged, to which Kaitlyn responded: “things change.”

As expected, this didn’t sit well with the Big Brother veteran who is extremely dedicated to her fiancé. Jessica responded to the Live Feeds tweet with haste.

“I’m about to roll up my sleeves and knock this broad out. What colors my aura now psycho?” Jessica tweeted in response.

Jessica then went on to retweet messages from fans who also didn’t have the best feelings regarding Kaitlyn.

“Just because Kaitlyn cheats on her BF doesn’t mean every girl does,” a fan tweeted.


“Um Kaitlyn just cause you cheat on your boyfriend doesn’t mean that every girl does. @thejessicagraf is a happily engaged woman you nut,” another added.

By calling Kaitlyn a cheater, fans are referring to her questionable relationship with fellow houseguest Faysal Shafaat. Kaitlyn was noticeably upset that Faysal was getting close with Haleigh Broucher, this caused her to flip alliances and Steve Arienta ultimately went home because Kaitlyn was jealous of this budding showmance. The life coach has a boyfriend back home which was caused BB20 Twitter fans to drag the houseguest on social media, deeming her a cheater.

Kaitlyn is also currently under fire for saying the N-word on the live feeds.

Big Brother airs Sunday night on CBS at 8 p.m. EST. A second episode will air later this week on Wednesday.