WWE News: Another Superstar Sidelined For A Long Time Due To Injury


Injuries are almost always a certainty in the world of professional wrestling, but sometimes, they are much worse than others. While some superstars can undergo multiple surgeries and time out from the ring, it’s going to be up to others to step it up and pick up the slack. Unfortunately, there comes a time each year when the injury bug hits WWE and puts a number of superstars out of action seemingly all at once. Now, the fans will be disappointed to know that Fandango has been added to the list for 2018.

Fandango has been teaming with Tyler Breeze for a long time now as the comedy tag team known as Breezango. While they are both overly talented superstars in the ring, WWE has been using them more as enhancement talent and for comedy purposes above everything else.

There aren’t many people out there who are upset about The Fashion Files, but it would be great to see both Fandango and Breeze used more in the ring. Now, WWE is faced with two big problems, though. Fandango is going to be out of action for at least six months due to a tear in his Left Labrum and it will require surgery to fix.

At the same time, what now happens to Tyler Breeze?

Early on Sunday morning, Fandango tweeted out a rather vague tweet, but it was one that wrestling fans and superstars could understand.

Right after that tweet, a number of other WWE personalities began tweeting in response to the Fandango post. It was obvious that something wasn’t quite right and that the dancing superstar would be gone for at least half a year.

With the news out there on social media, it was only a matter of time until the confirmation came in from the company itself. The official website of WWE reported on Fandango’s injury and revealed that it was indeed a Left Labrum tear in his shoulder.

Surgery is going to be required to fix the problem and it has already been scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday. There is no confirmed word on just how long Fandango will be out of action, but six months is the expected timeframe for surgery, healing, and rehab.

Breezango has been together since April of 2016 and they have been one of the most popular teams in WWE in a long time. Unfortunately, they were almost always used as a comedy tag team and for backstage segments instead of for their in-ring talent. Fans definitely have to wonder what will become of Tyler Breeze during the next six months while Fandango is out due to an injury.