Kim Kardashian Rocks A Revealing White Bathing Suit And Reminds Everyone Why She Drinks Pineapple Juice

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Kim Kardashian recently extolled the benefits of drinking pineapple juice while wearing a one-piece bathing suit and posing in a suggestive position. As reported by The Sun, Kim Kardashian had a “sexy reason” for encouraging her fans to do a little Google research on her favorite tropical beverage.

Kim often promotes fluids on her Instagram page, but they’re usually weight loss shakes or detox teas. However, on Saturday, a humble tin can of Dole pineapple juice made an appearance in a photo shared by the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. In the image, Kim is sipping the sweet and fruity liquid while sitting on the edge of what appears to be a sink. She has her legs spread, and she’s showing off her hourglass figure in a white bathing suit.

“Google the benefits of pineapple juice,” Kim captioned the photo.

While Kim Kardashian’s body might look toned and trim in the snapshot, the 37-year-old’s love of pineapple juice probably has nothing to do with fitness. The top Google result for “the benefits of pineapple juice” is a 2005 NBC News article about how drinking it “a couple of hours before the deed can help make your bodily fluids taste and even smell better.” Kim and her sisters decided to put this claim to the test while filming a 2013 episode of the E! reality series Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.

Google the benefits of pineapple juice ????

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As reported by Us Weekly, it was Khloe Kardashian who first told Kim about the effect that pineapple juice supposedly has on bodily fluids. This gave Kim and Kourtney the bright idea to have a competition to see who could make their lady bits smell the sweetest. The two gals guzzled pineapple juice for a few days, and Khloe was tasked with choosing the winner of her sisters’ crazy contest. She did this by sniffing hand towels that her sisters had wiped their intimate areas with, declaring that Kourtney’s smelled “like a tropical island.” However, Kim won the bizarre battle with her “flower” scent.

“If Kim needs to think she’s won, then fine, I’ll let her think that,” Kourtney said of the results. “But we all know whose vagina is the sweetest of them all.”

Some of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram followers joked that her juice reminder inspired them to stock up on the sweet stuff, while others criticized her pose in the picture that she chose to pair with her pineapple PSA.

“Close your legs. You are a beautiful woman. No need to sit like that,” read one response to her photo.

“Not sure what sitting like this has to do with pineapple juice!!!” another wrote.

Other fans who were seemingly unaware of the Kardashian sisters’ past adventures with pineapple juice followed Kim’s instructions, and they responded to her post with their non-smell-related findings. According to Healthline, the fruit juice can also reduce bloating, making it the perfect summer drink for someone like Kim who loves showing off her tiny tummy in revealing swimsuits.