Iggy Azalea Says She'll Buy 'Deserving' High School Kids Some New Back To School Threads From Fashion Nova

Iggy Azalea may be most interested in "Surviving the Summer" according to the title of her EP that dropped the day before last, but has her sights set on making a few of her fans happy this fall with a donation of some "bomb" outfits to "deserving" high school students according to Billboard.

Azalea plans to partner up with Fashion Nova to get the job done, promising to deliver on the pledge to help out a few fashion-strapped students looking to look their very best as they go back to school this September despite being the "queen of procrastination."

The Australian rap artist has had a long and storied relationship with Fashion Nova, most recently having posed nude for a promotion with the fashion and accessories line. Baring it all except for a pair of strappy stiletto shoes and hot pink and orange socks, Azalea's post to social media platform Instagram accrued almost a million hearts from fans and admirers the world over.

For her part, this generous donation seems to hearken back to Iggy Azalea's own high school experience, a time in which she used to frequently shop at thrift stores and alter her clothes to be more fashionable herself, constrained by a budget that – obviously – no longer applies to the musical superstar.

Not only has Azalea built up an enormous fanbase throughout years of performances – her Facebook page lists nearly 8 million fans, her Twitter profile showing over 8 million admirers, and her Instagram page reaching almost 12 million followers – but her most recent and risque collaboration with Tyga entitled "Kream" was dropped only two days ago and has already accrued 4.4 million views and 223,000 likes.

Getty Images | Cindy Ord

The female rapper took to Twitter to announce the initiative, though details remain a bit sketchy at this point in time. Reasoning that if she posted it publicly so that her legions of fans could hold her to account, Azalea mentioned that she had a specific meeting coming up with the Fashion Nova team to make the plan into a firmer reality.

The move was lauded by those on Twitter and Instagram as a very progressive and thoughtful gesture.

Back to school can be a particularly stressful time for students, particularly those from lower income families that struggle to make ends meet when it comes to balancing a limited budget. According to a recent article by TIME, teenagers often cite "not having the right clothes" (32 percent of those polled) and "not fitting in" (31 percent of those polled) at nearly equal quotients as the target of their school stresses, with parents even more concerned about their ability to provide said fashions, with over half of parents worried about their children's clothing and supplies being properly in place.