‘Fortnite’ Season 5: Durr Burger Disappears In Game, Reappears In Real Life In Desert


Over the weekend, a long-rumored rocket launch took place in Fortnite, which made a giant crack in the sky. Ever since then, strange rifts have been taking place, as signs have disappeared including Tomatohead and the Durr Burger sign. Players could only speculate on the meaning behind the disappearances.

But wait! Someone actually found Durr Burger today. But they didn’t know anything about Fortnite, and they were in the California desert. Strangely enough, a real-life Durr Burger was found by a photographer named Sela Shiloni in an area by Palmdale. Shiloni reportedly knew nothing about Fortnite or the rifts, but they were amazed to find the oddity sitting in the middle of nowhere. There was a police car by the burger, and a sign that said “This site is unstable. Beware of possible effects,” according to PC Gamer.

With this new piece of information, many players are sure that Season 5 will bring a new desert map. Meanwhile, others are wondering if, when, and who will find the other missing signs next: Lonely Lodge, Noms, Motel, and Tomatohead, detailed Forbes.

Some people are even doubting that Shiloni really did find the burger accidentally. Digital Trends said that “this has all the trappings of an ‘accidental’ marketing stunt.” The photographer did insist, however, that “Saw some ppl on reddit asking how I found desert burger- I was scouting shoot locations for an upcoming photoshoot. Palmdale area has a ton of cool stuff. End of story.”

Will this trigger a massive Fortnite scavenger hunt for the missing signs? That remains to be seen. Some people wonder if the hunt would even go global, considering that there are players from all over the world.


Meanwhile, players can look forward to the start of Season 5 on Thursday, July 12. The 5.0 update is scheduled to be released at 1 a.m. PT or 4 a.m. ET on all of the available platforms.

Gamespot also reported that there will be a new Battle Pass, although the details like the cost are still unknown. And many people believe the rifts are going to play a major role in the fifth season, although the meaning of the rifts is still unknown.

Also, Playground mode will end on the same day that Season 5 starts, so be prepared for that. But it doesn’t mean it’ll be gone forever, as developers noted that they’ll bring it back again in the future sometime, but when that’ll happen is also unknown.