Taylor Swift Takes Break From ‘Reputation’ Tour To Vacation In Turks And Caicos With Joe Alwyn

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Taylor Swift took a little time off from her monstrous “Reputation” worldwide stadium tour for a romantic getaway with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. The couple was spotted in Turks and Caicos where they spent days on the beach snorkeling and cuddling according to Elle, and evenings away from prying eyes. Alwyn and Swift have only publicly acknowledged the nature of their relationship since last May, but the pair was together for at least several months prior to that announcement.

Swift, 28, and her British actor heartthrob boyfriend, 27, have at least been together long enough for him to apparently inspire tracks on Reputation, such as the love songs “Call It What You Want” and “Gorgeous“, as well as her latest track “Delicate“.

The pair appeared to live up to the romantic lyrics Alwyn inspired and Swift sings, as numerous reports of the couple cuddling, being “lovey-dovey,” holding hands, and looking very in love hit the wires as soon as they made their first public appearance on the beach. The couple even matched as Alwyn wore blue and white swim trunks, and Swift wore her signature Fourth of July weekend red, white, and blue bikini. This is all in sync with Swift’s latest comments to the press that her life is wonderful and she is very happy.


The couple had an oceanfront villa for their stay, and while at the resort, they were spotted using the pool and the gym. Even on a romantic getaway, they did what they could to stick to their fitness plans. That’s dedication! People on the scene who witnessed the couple together had nothing but good things to say to ENews about the dynamic duo.

“They had beach chairs set up for them daily and usually ventured down in the afternoon. They swam together in the ocean and cuddled up in the water. Taylor floated on her back and Joe held her; she swam up behind and kissed his shoulder. They were sweet together and clearly in love. They went snorkeling daily and loved looking for fish in the sea; they put on fins and snorkel masks and made funny faces. They looked underwater and showed each other what they had found.”

It wasn’t the usual huge Fourth of July party that Swift usually throws at her Rhode Island mansion, but the days of her extravagant bashes that marked her early 20’s may be behind her now. But maybe growing up isn’t so bad. The smile on the couple’s faces looks like a testament to that.