Tom Brady Doesn’t Hold Back, Zings Own Mother In Family Dodgeball Game

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Tom Brady, the man with the golden arm, threw an absolutely savage shot at his own mother during a family dodgeball game according to TMZ. The New England Patriots star quarterback – and almost assuredly future hall of famer – was seen smiling and playing with the rest of his loved ones in a pick up contest held at the home they are currently staying at somewhere in Montana.

During the short video clip, the dodgeballs are flying fast and furious at a frantic pace – and TB12 himself is struck more than once, shrugging it off obligingly and returning fire as only he can. Several instances caught on video show the professional footballer struck by opponent’s throws, illustrating the fact that even the best in the business is human after all.

The most insane moment during the family fracas was when Tom Brady’s mother lightly tossed a ball underhand at her son, attempting to eliminate him gently — he returned fire with a laser that forced her to turn her back or risk getting struck in a more delicate area.

Brady’s wife and fellow dodgeballer Gisele Bundchen was also present, having to be restrained during play – in jest – for violations of the rules.

Brady launched at least one scorcher that caught an opponent square in the face, ForTheWin reports, though it does appear that the woman in question walked away smiling and unharmed, speaking to the softness of the balls in play. Perhaps they were slightly deflated, or made of a lighter material? Bundchen would later share video evidence of the scene in question, showing the direct hit in all of its glory, and the reaction of all players on the court.

What were the other family members thinking, trying to take on one of the most legendary football players in history at his own game, launching their own cannons in the form of soft, rubbery balls?

The answer remains unclear, but they may have been mistaken when they assumed that the star quarterback would go easy on kin and kith – Brady hurled the orbs with a gusto not seen since his heartbreaking but courageous competition during Super Bowl LII.

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Though Brady and his team were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 41-33, the New English Patriots managed to break a whopping 29 records during the game according to CBS. Tom Brady beat an all-time passing record during the game, passing for an enormous 505 yards, and was responsible personally for breaking six other records, including the greatest number of Super Bowl passing touchdowns at 18.