Meghan Markle Appears To Have Adopted A British Accent

Phil NobleWPA Pool / Getty Images

Meghan Markle, the new Duchess of Sussex, seems to have developed a British accent after being a member of the royal family for just over a month.

“Meghan Markle’s got a case of the Madonna!” blogger Perez Hilton wrote on Instagram in the caption of a video of Meghan greeting crowds in England. “She’s now speaking with a British accent! It happens!”

When you listen to the clip, Duchess Meghan still mostly sounds like she was born and raised in California. But as The Cut notes, there appeared to be a British influence in some of the things that she said.

For example, when someone in the crowd tells her that she had watched her for a long time on Suits, she responds with “Oh, did you?” in a way that makes her sound like a posh Londoner.

You hear some more hints of her new accent when she says: “Yes we all had a great day, I think. The sun was shining for us.” Also, she’s talking about the weather which is about as quintessentially British as a cup of tea. The way she says “Thank you,” around the 28-second mark has a bit of a British lilt too.

Some observers on social media claim to have definitely heard the change in Meghan’s accent. Some seemed very supportive of it.

Others, not so much.

Evidence of Meghan’s “new accent” was recorded at Meghan’s first solo outing with Queen Elizabeth II, so perhaps she was doing her best to sound “proper” for the occasion.

As The Express reported Meghan and The Queen journeyed to Cheshire on The Royal Train, an honor that is usually afforded only to senior Royals. So, it was one more indication that Meghan has been welcomed into the family with open arms. According to The Express, Prince Harry, William have not even traveled on the lavish train as yet.

While in Cheshire, the former actress and the current British monarch opened the Mersey Gateway Bridge. During the day, they lunched at the Chester Town Hall and opened the Storyhouse Theater.

Perhaps Meghan’s training as an actress has something to do with her evolving accent. In a video on his YouTube channel, dialect coach Erik Singer says that actors have an easier time picking up an accent when it’s in their native language. Singer, according to his website has 10 years of experience helping actors to develop credible accents for their on-screen roles.

“It’s much easier to learn an accent in a language you already speak, than if you’re also working on a language that’s your second language,” he said.

So, it looks like Meghan may have just picked up a new way of speaking for her new “role.” Chip, chip, cheerio to you too, Duchess.