Lil Tay Deletes All Instagram Posts, Leaves One Up That Says ‘Help Me’

Lil tayInstagram

Lil Tay, a 9-year-old who gained social media fame for her profane videos, recently had a fall from grace when it was revealed in May that her older brother was coaching her on how to act and what to say in videos. Also, Lil Tay’s mom lost her realtor’s job for allowing her daughter to access high-end luxury homes to shoot the videos, leading many to wonder if Lil Tay really was living the high life that she portrayed.

After the controversy surrounding her older brother, Lil Tay has maintained radio silence. However, just today, the 9-year-old deleted all of her posts on her Instagram account and posted an Instagram Story that said “Help me,” which has since expired, according to the Daily Mail.

Many wondered if Lil Tay’s brother was exploiting his little sister for money, however, a spokesperson recently told Buzzfeed News that they are “rebranding” her.

So now, fans are left wondering: does Lil Tay really need help? Or is this a publicity stunt?

Others point out that Lil Tay’s brother also deleted his Instagram helps and shared an Instagram Story that said “help.”

In midst of the drama, Lil Tay appeared on Good Morning America in May to defend herself.

“I didn’t shoot in anyone else’s house… No one has proof that I did,” she said. She also added that, “No one is forcing me to do this… That’s not true that (my mom) wants to make money off of me.”

Although Lil Tay has many fans, she also has many critics. In her own defense, Lil Tay has addressed the controversy.

“I know what I’m saying, I know what I’m doing… And to me swearing isn’t something negative, it’s something positive to me. It helps me get motivation.”

From smoking hookah, throwing money, to kicking a Rolls-Royce, Lil Tay has shown that she’s willing to cross lines for attention, as described by Inverse.

Many also noticed that it’s not just Lil Tay’s Instagram that’s gone dark, either. All her other social media accounts, including her YouTube channel, plus managements’ accounts are reportedly deleted or private.

It’s hard to know what’s really going on. But after Lil Tay’s mom lost her job, the family reportedly all moved to Los Angeles from Canada. They’re all banking on Josiah Jenkins to keep Lil Tay’s career alive as they are “a Los Angeles ‘miracle worker’ who has launched the careers of a slew of other young internet influencers,” according to The Verge.