An Expert Claims Victoria Beckham Is ‘Vying’ For David’s Affection, As Rumors About His Cheating Swirl

Chris RadburnGetty Images

According to a body language expert, Victoria Beckham is “vying” for her husband, David’s, affection, and is desperate to get it no matter the cost.

What’s more, according to the Daily Mail, this expert believes that the recent affection shown between David and Victoria Beckham is nothing more than “rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic,” because they’re really headed for a divorce, whether they deny it or not.

Judi James, who is an internationally known and respected body language expert, claims that the affection between the couple is “forced,” with Victoria acting “desperate” trying to get David’s attention. David, she says, is “impassive” to Victoria’s affections.

What’s more, James believes that David is “retreating into himself” even as Victoria tries desperately to hold onto the marriage, which began 19 years ago and resulted in four children. James also said that there’s a lot of “tension” between the couple, perhaps because, according to Now to Love, there are more and more reports about David being unfaithful to Victoria, culminating with an alleged pregnancy.

Fans of the couple, meanwhile, believe that the couple is merely putting on a charade for the public, especially after the divorce rumors began swirling as much as they did.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, the David and Victoria Beckham divorce rumors have been swirling for some time. The rumors really started going into full swing when the couple didn’t sit together during Men’s Fashion Week.

This was, in no small part, due to Vogue Magazine‘s editor, Edward Enninful, sitting between them inside the Kent and Curwen fashion show. Kent and Curwen is partly owned by David, who co-owns the brand with music mogul Simon Fuller.

The rumors about the Beckham divorce, in fact, were so fierce that a spokeswoman for the couple had to come out and deny the rumors of their impending split as “fake news” and “absolute horses—.” The couple’s joint spokesman said that the rumors of their divorce were merely “Chinese whispers” that didn’t deserve to be dignified with an official statement.

Things got so bad, in fact, that David had to recruit his former soccer spokesperson to call the claims of his impending divorce “embarrassing and laughable.”

These newly-sparked cheating — and divorce — rumors come just one day after the couple celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary, in which both David and Victoria Beckham posted loving tributes to one another on their respective social media accounts.