Vanessa Kirby Denies Tom Cruise Romance Rumors After On-Set Kiss, ‘None Of It Is Real’

Rumors were rampant after photographers caught The Crown actress Vanessa Kirby kissing Tom Cruise on the set of their new movie, Mission: Impossible – Fallout last spring. The tabloids went wild that the two were in a relationship, reports Page Six, which came as a shock to Kirby and her boyfriend, War & Peace actor Callum Turner.

“Even though the [film] crew were there, it was all [in the tabloids] like, ‘The next wife falls at his feet,'” she says, shaking her head during an interview with Marie Claire UK. “The most disconcerting thing was the people I didn’t think would believe it, did, and they were texting my boyfriend, asking, ‘Are you OK?'”

The episode was a real eye-opener for the 30-year-old actress about what stars go through and to not to believe everything you read, though she had already realized that when she met Cruise for the first time before the two started shooting the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise.

“I tried to just meet the man really, and the man is so different to any stuff you’d read, because it always is,” she said to Marie Claire UK. “It helped me to see that all the stuff that gets written is just such a load of bullsh*t about everyone.”

The stunning actress has obviously learned a lot about fame already, even though for the most part she’s been able to keep her anonymity. This experience has certainly affected how she plans to handle details about her personal life with the press.

“I keep my relationship super private. [Callum’s] just completely wonderful and he’s my best friend, so that’s…” she breaks off. “I guess you can either choose to talk about it or not. If you talk about it, it becomes interesting to people, but if you don’t, then it’s not,” she shared with Marie Claire UK.

Kirby continues to work steadily after wowing audiences in the Netflix series, The Crown, as Princess Margaret, the Queen’s (played by Claire Foy) younger sister. Fans were shocked when the streaming service announced that they were hiring a whole new cast for Season 3 of the series. It was announced that Helena Bonham Carter would be taking over the role of Margaret. The film star recently texted Kirby a picture from their first table read, with the caption, “The baton’s being passed. Think we dropped it!” Kirby spoke glowingly of the actress to the magazine.

“[This] just encapsulates Helena, because she’s hilarious, gracious and thoughtful about knowing how it must feel for me, you know?”

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