Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show Teased By Leaked, Viral Pics

A handful of leaked photos debuted online today, showing what some have hypothesized could be Beyonce’s rehearsal for her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show, which is said to include a mini Destiny’s Child reunion.

MSN reports that Beyonce seems hard at work preparing her next major gig as the Super Bowl halftime performer, which will take place next Sunday, February 3. Behind-the-scenes photos of the show’s rehearsal debuted on Beyonce’s Instagram page, giving her fans a sneak peek at the performance to come.

Of course, we must note that Beyonce has remained pretty mum regarding her last internationally broadcast “performance” at President Obama’s second inauguration. The 31-year-old singer has been criticized for allegedly lip-syncing the National Anthem, so maybe these images are her way of saying “let’s talk about something else now.”

Anyway, the shots are pretty cool (gallery below) aside from the fact that none of them show Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child bandmates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Us Weekly revealed earlier this week that Beyonce will perform a few of her own tracks before being joined by Destiny’s Child to perform a medley of their hits including “Bills, Bills, Bills,” and “Survivor.”

“She can’t wait to get on the Super Bowl stage and show everyone,” said a source, adding that Beyonce is ready to “knock them dead,” referring to her inauguration day critics.

“She did sing,” a source explained to the magazine. “There was a [pre-recorded] track, but Bey sang 100 percent.”

Eh. I don’t care anymore.

Here are the pictures of Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show rehearsal: