‘Days Of Our Lives’ July 4: Will & Sonny Hide Leo, Custody Battle Gets Dirty, Lani Dealing With Loss [Recap]

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images for NATAS

Today’s episode of Days of Our Lives begins with Lani, who is looking at her baby’s footprints when JJ arrives with flowers. Lani is still dealing with the impact of her loss. She cannot stop wondering what her baby’s future would have held.

JJ admits that he wanted to visit sooner but stayed away to give her and Eli some space. He apologizes for the harsh words he said to her before she went into labor. Instead of being upset with him, Lani is thankful that he was there with her and got her to the hospital when he did.

She is still blaming herself for the loss of her child. She feels as if she willed it to happen. She considered the baby a “problem” in the beginning and was going to have an abortion. She wanted the problem to go away and in the end, it did.

JJ holds her and tells her to forgive herself and be grateful for the lessons she learned from that mistake.

“It makes you smarter and stronger, and then you have to let go…One day you will give that love to another baby.”

Valerie gives Lani a blanket and teddy bear that was Eli’s as a small child. Lani and Eli may choose to wrap their child, who they named David Abraham, in the blanket when they bury him. Lani likes the idea but returns the teddy bear. Eli might want it when he has another child someday.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny roll Leo’s body up in Maggie’s rug. Days of Our Lives fans were beginning to wonder what Maggie would say when she walks into the room and finds her rug missing. In today’s episode, Maggie does walk in, but she isn’t upset when Will tells her that Ari spilled grape juice on the rug. In fact, she keeps a solvent handy and tells Will to unroll the rug and she will help him clean it.

Just as she is about to unroll the rug, her phone goes off and she has to leave in a hurry.

Sonny is beginning to lose his composure. If anyone finds out that Leo’s corpse is in his living room, Titan is finished. They drag the rug out through the garden.

Sonny and Will parked Leo’s car more than a mile from the mansion. They can’t abandon it there forever since their fingerprints are all over it. Will wonders what would happen if Leo doesn’t “just disappear.” They discuss the possibility of staging an accident. Forensic evidence against them is a chance they are going to have to take.

Sonny explains that when Leo grabbed Will, all he could think about was Ben choking him. He was afraid of losing him again and asks Will if he remembers how their love felt. Will admits that the memory was clear like it happened yesterday, but he is in love with Paul. Sonny understands and is happy that Will is trying to regain his past. Will leaves to meet up with Paul, who has been sending messages and even stopped by the mansion looking for him.

The custody battle between Theresa and Brady continues on today’s Days of Our Lives.

Before court resumes for the day, Eve takes a close look at Theresa and asks, “what happens when Tate is old enough to realize that his mother fought to keep him away from his father?” Eve brings up the fact that they are sisters and wonders why Theresa is trying to hurt them.

Brady steps up and lays into Theresa. Nobody knew what was happening with her or why she left. While she was living a nightmare with Mateo, her loved ones were feeling alone, depressed, and abandoned.

“I will not let you hurt us again.”

In order to obtain sole custody of Tate, Theresa must prove that Brady is an unfit father. Theresa and her lawyer, Ted, call a witness to the stand. Maggie walks into the courtroom.

Maggie sits on the stand and they discuss that fact that she is Brady’s AA sponsor. Brady recently slipped off the wagon and it wasn’t the first time through the years. Maggie insists that Tate was never in any danger and with the help of his fiancé, Brady was able to pull himself together.

Ted turns his attention to Eve and tells the judge of Brady and Victor’s plan to seduce Eve. It is true that Brady eventually fell in love with Eve, however, that is not how their relationship began.

Justin cross examines Maggie and reconfirms that Brady is sober now and that Eve and Brady are deeply in love. Maggie testifies that Brady and Eve are committed to raising Tate. After coming off the stand, Maggie apologizes to Brady and they hope that the good things she had to say will outweigh the bad.

Eve is ready to fight fire with fire. Brady is ready to counter sue for full custody. He is determined to prove that Theresa is an unfit mother and they have a witness prepared.

In the final scene of today’s July 4 episode of Days of Our Lives, Chloe enters the courtroom.

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