‘LPBW’ Stars Audrey & Jeremy Roloff’s Tell-All Book Is Leaked


Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff stays in almost constant contact with her fans and shared that she was working on a book, or books per a contract. The books will be an insider’s view of her Christian marriage to Jeremy Roloff and their behind the scenes life. Audrey is no stranger to sharing, and perhaps oversharing aspects of her life, so it must sting for the book to leak nearly a year ahead of schedule.

RadarOnline says that the book, called In A Love Letter Life, was supposed to be published in April 2019, but Audrey Roloff reportedly had a hand in leaking it to her social media followers to give them a “taste” of what will be in the book.

In her Instagram story, she noted that she was hard at work, finishing the book, and she took a close-up glimpse of her computer screen with the copy on it.

“Pushing hard to get this thing done on time.”

The page unveiled advice from Audrey for single ladies how to land a husband.

“That’s why Jeremy and I are such advocates for being friends first. Friendship lays the groundwork for pursuit. All the single ladies, volume up. You’re not giving a man the chance to pursue you if you’re the one doing the chasing, chances are the guy you’re after does not want to be caught,”

Audrey Roloff, 26, has been married for four years and has one child, Ember. But her brief marriage and life experience hasn’t stopped her from speaking out as an authority on Christian marriage and child-rearing.

She advises that if as a woman, you are doing the chasing, you are making a mistake.

“He’s just not that into you, and honestly this scenario proves he’s not worth your time and effort. It’s time to move on. But if you start by building a friendship, the kind of man you want to marry will be empowered to pursue you. He will be willing to risk rejection, determined to be thoughtful and he will text you first, at least the majority of the time. Our period of friendship gave Jeremy the opportunity to pursue me.”

Audrey also tells her fans in great detail about her first date with Jeremy, and clearly states that they have always followed the Bible in relation to intimacy. She also suggests that Jeremy’s brother, Jacob and his wife were intimate before marriage and her judgment about such behavior.

“Some words on dating from a Christian perspective… Let’s just say you recently hurried into a relationship, dabbled with sexual intimacy, and then became emotionally attached.”

Roloff says that this mistake can create artificial bonds with women.

“This is a titanic problem.”

As Inquisitr has reported in the past, Audrey Roloff has been keen to pass judgment on women who bottle-feed their babies with formula, calling it a sin. For this, she received a great deal of backlash on social media suggesting that casting aspersions on others was a greater sin.