Tamar Braxton Shows Off Her Toned Body In A Swimsuit With Shaved Head

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Tamar Braxton is showing off her toned body in a swimsuit in a new photo shared to Instagram. The singer and reality star was still rocking her shaved head in a new snap posted to the social media site on July 3 as she started to celebrate the 4th of July a little early.

Posting a photo of herself rocking some tropical swimwear to her account this week, Braxton’s new photo showed off her hard work in the gym in a one-piece bathing suit that featured an all over green and blue leaf print.

Going barefoot in the snap, which appeared to be taken during a vacation or possibly a beach day at home, Tamar then coupled her green and blue swimsuit with a matching cover-up that stretched down to the floor while accessorizing with gold jewelry and a gold headband around her head.

As Inquisitr previously reported, Braxton shaved off her head last year shortly after announcing her divorce from husband Vince Herbert.

The Braxton Family Values star then revealed in the caption of the swimwear snap that she was getting in the celebratory spirit a day early as she was actually getting ready for Independence Day.

“In that @fashionnova for the 4th,” Tamar captioned the photo posted on July 3, adding an explosive emoji to her message.

The snap has already received more than 76,000 likes in the first 15 hours since Tamar shared it with her 3 million followers.

In that @fashionnova for the 4th????

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Braxton’s stunning swimwear picture came shortly after she opened up about struggling with body dysmorphia, something Tamar said she grapples with today.

Essence reported that the former The Real co-host got candid about her past issues on Instagram earlier this month after sharing a throwback photo of herself revealing her flat and toned middle in a white crop top.

There is nothing like going to your Parents house and finding old 1996 HORRIBLE pictures of yourself!! ????????Can you believe I thought I was FAT??!?????????‍♀️(I’d sure like to be that size now lord????????) this was back in the day when I shot the “so many ways” video with my then skinner sisters @trinabraxton1 @itowandabraxton ❤️it’s so funny how you see yourself then,and how it parallels to now. (????????‍♀️ confession) I STILL struggle with body dysmorphia to THIS DAY all because a record executive told me I was too fat at 11 to be more of a “commercial “ artist.. only to end up having BIG R&B hits TODAY!!! ( which was fine with me cause thats how I saw myself THEN in the FIRST place)...The Same as thing goes for me and my sisters.... We STARTED having major OVER THE TOP family issues because some network wanted to compete with old love and hip hop numbers, And felt that our family was to “perfect” and un relatable ???? ( Thats another story)...But only to realize that our problems are JUST like everyone else’s.. AND this BLACK FAMILY IS FINE THE WAY WE ARE!!!! & ☝???? I must mention we must be like somebody’s family cause our “boring” family has the LONGEST running BLACK family reality show EVER in HISTORY ????....I say all that to say people will try to turn you into whatever they want you to be for their benefit! When are you going to be who YOU truly are for your OWN benefit? We put ourselves through hell to be however someone else see’s us..how about if you are going to work at something, WORK ON YOU FOR YOU and have the faith that GOD made you this way on purpose! Because really what other’s see is your greatness and want to TRICK you into thinking otherwise to USE you!! (See previous post) This is why having Esteem of YOURSELF is so important!! Because once you decide to choose YOU and what YOU like??..... maaaaaaaannn watch out!! Here you come!!! Do yourself a favor and STAY ???????? on???????? they???????? NECK!!! #thatsall #haveablessedday????????

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Speaking candidly in the caption of the photo, which was taken 22 years ago in 1996, Tamar told her followers that she actually thought she was fat when the snap was taken.

“Can you believe I thought I was FAT??!? (I’d sure like to be that size now lord),” Braxton wrote in her lengthy post that accompanied her throwback upload, adding, “I STILL struggle with body dysmorphia.”

Tamar Braxton reveals her toned body in a swimsuit
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Braxton then recalled that her body issues first began when she was just 11-years-old and she was told by a record executive that she was too big to be a commercial star.

“We put ourselves through hell to be however someone else see’s us… how about if you are going to work at something,” Tamar then continued in part. “WORK ON YOU FOR YOU and have the faith that GOD made you this way on purpose!”