‘General Hospital’ Casting Teaser Suggests Show Adding New Female Character To Mix Of Things In Port Charles

Craig SjodinABC

There have been a fair number of cast-related changes on General Hospital in recent months and spoilers have just emerged detailing that another change is on the way. Viewers have recently said goodbye to Ryan Paevey as Nathan and Dominic Zamprogna as Dante, and the word is, as Inquisitr recently reported, that Chloe Lanier is leaving the role of Nelle soon. Elizabeth’s childhood friend Terry is in town and is being played by transgender actress Cassandra James, and now it seems there is another new lady on the way to Port Charles too.

Soap Opera Digest shares that General Hospital is looking to add someone called “Jessica” in the casting call and this will be a contract gig. Whoever lands the role will start taping in August, so this character will pop up on-screen in the fall. Jessica is going to be in her 30s and be African American, as well as someone who is dynamic and beautiful.

Who will this new character be interacting with when she arrives in Port Charles? Some would say that this sounds a bit like General Hospital could be searching for someone to take over as Jordan, but at this point, there is no indication that Vinessa Antoine is planning to leave GH. Could this be someone who will come in and shake up the dynamic between Jordan and Curtis just as they are on a smooth track toward getting married?

“Beautiful & dynamic. She is strong, smart & savvy and plays both sides of the law.”

It did not take long for some soap fans to speculate that this role is tailor-made for actress Mishael Morgan. As the Inquisitr previously reported, she spent the past five years playing Hilary on Young and Restless and just wrapped up her time on Y&R last week. It is said that she chose to leave over salary issues, and many General Hospital fans would question whether GH could meet her expectations in this regard given the size of their current cast.

It has been a common theme lately among General Hospital fans that they are frustrated by the focus on new characters over core characters. Peter is a prime example of this issue these days, as is Nelle. A solid contingent of GH viewers consistently remark on social media that they would rather see Genie Francis back as Laura and Rebecca Budig back as Hayden, for example, over having more new characters brought into the mix.

As Soap Hub notes, there is one strategy for bringing in “Jessica” that could work well: make her a member of the Ward family. It has been quite some time now since Keisha and Justus were in Port Charles, but the Ward family has ongoing connections to the Quartermaines and that would at least give General Hospital fans a reason to care about this new character.

Who will General Hospital cast in the role of Jessica and what will she do when she arrives in Port Charles? Spoilers should emerge with more details soon and it will be interesting to see if the writers can win over fans with another seemingly new character about to arrive.