When Crystal Reynolds Fisher’s Child Was On Life Support, Her Boss Expected Her To Come To Work Or Quit

When your child suffers a devastating injury or illness that renders them on life support, the world becomes fairly insular as you watch for any sign of improvement from your child. However, everyday life still manages to creep in and some things have to be taken care of. For Crystal Reynolds Fisher, one of these tasks included sending her boss a message to know she wouldn’t be coming to work until her child started to show signs of improvement. This common courtesy turned into a nightmare, however, when her boss told her she would have to come to work or quit her job.

Crystal Reynolds Fisher posted her boss’ response to her Facebook account and the images of the text messages quickly went viral as people showed their disgust at the insensitive response from Crystal’s boss.

“So my son is on life support and I tell my boss 48 hours before I am to work again that I will not be able to work until my son is off life support and this is what she tells me!” Crystal initially posted to her Facebook account with screenshots of the conversation.

Her boss responded by texting back, “That isn’t how we do things, so I’ll accept that you’re quitting.”

Crystal responded by asking how the company did things when an employee’s child is on life support. She also suggested that her boss was firing her since she hadn’t actually said she was resigning from her position.

Crystal’s boss retaliated by suggesting she had been more than accommodating during the situation, that there was no reason Crystal couldn’t work, and that the boss would not tolerate any drama. As Crystal then pointed out, this was not a matter of a doctor’s or dental appointment and she would now be contacting corporate in relation to the matter.

The boss’s response?

“And you can’t work cuz? To [sic] much drama.”


Obviously upset at the lack of compassion, Crystal Reynolds Fisher then went on to ask what her boss would do in such a situation. The boss claimed that by going to work, it would help her keep busy and occupied. This was obviously a slight improvement over the previous response, as sometimes work can help keep one’s mind off terrible situations. However, the boss then elaborated.

“We don’t just get to come and go at Folk Oil… I have tomorrow and Monday covered. your son is in the best place he can be. I have a store to run and that is my focus.”

So, who does Crystal work for and how did the rest of the company respond to her situation, especially when she contacted corporate?

As has been recently reported by MLive, the store, Folk Oil Co., has since fired the manager who dealt with Crystal Reynolds Fisher in relation to her child being on life support.

On Sunday, July 1, after Crystal’s Facebook post went viral, Folk Oil Co. posted a message on the PS Food Mart Facebook page saying the company was looking into the matter.

“PS Food Mart and Folk Oil Company are in complete agreement that this is not acceptable.”

By Monday morning, Crystal’s boss had been fired according to a second Facebook post on the PS Food Mart page.

“We investigated and have found that the situation was handled improperly and without the compassion that we value as a company. For that, we are very sorry. As a result of this finding, we took quick action and that manager is no longer employed by PS Food Mart. We have also reaffirmed to our employee that she will be able to take all the time off that she needs during this difficult period. We’d like to thank the public for their concern.”

Currently, there is still no news on how Crystal’s child is doing and the staff here at the Inquisitr wish Crystal and her family the very best.

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