Amazon Page Resume Scores Philippe Dubost Job Offers

Phillipe Dubost won’t have to look for a job anytime soon. The web product manager created an Amazon page resume and is now receiving plenty of job offers.

Dubost writes on his Twitter page that after his resume went viral he’s received dozens and emails and LinkIn messages about work related opportunities.

Dubost writes:

“Haven’t figured the exact number yet, but I’d say about 20-40 work-related messages between emails & linkedin. Blessed!”

Dubost designed an Amazon product page with himself as the product.

The web product manager adds some of your typical resume information (he’s multilingual, has 5+ years experience, and received his MBA from Dayton University) as well as some more… creative Amazon product related information.

For instance, the product is 186 cm tall. It’s also ready to ship anywhere in the world. Dubost also added a customer review section so future employees can see references.

Unfortunately, since this is a functioning Amazon page, some bitter ex-girlfriends have also left some 1-star reviews.

According to Slate, Dubost has already had to change his server host due to the influx of traffic. You can check out the full Amazon page resume here.

What do you think of Dubost’s resume? Do you think he’ll land a sweet job from his creative profile?

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