Farrah Abraham Warned To End Feud With Drita D’Avanzo Because ‘The Mob’ Will Come After Her

Farrah Abraham may have taken her trash-talk just a little too far this time.

Farrah Abraham hosts a Neon Flow Holiday Party at Crazy Horse III
Raoul Gatchalian/STAR MAX/IPx / AP Images

Farrah Abraham may have taken her trash-talk just a little too far this time.

Farrah Abraham is used to feuding with, well, everyone. The Teen Mom OG star has made a bit of a name for herself by beefing with her now-former co-stars, in addition to all her other types of “publicity,” such as brand ambassadorship and adult entertainment.

But now, it seems as though her mouth may have written a check that the rest of her can’t cash, because her “beef” with former Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo is getting real out’chea.

In fact, fans and friends alike are so worried about Farrah’s safety that they believe “the mob” will come after her if she doesn’t watch her mouth and squash the beef.

According to Radar Online, Farrah Abraham and Drita D’Avanzo first got into it when they did a joint strip club appearance.

The adult entertainment star decided that she was going to file a restraining order against the former VH1 reality star, because even she realized that it was getting real out here in these streets.

A source close to Farrah told Radar Online that Drita has every intention to get on a plane and “f**k Farrah up,” and friends of Farrah’s are telling her to take a chill pill and stop starting fights with Drita, because they’re genuinely fearful of her safety.

“The mob will come after [Farrah Abraham],” said the source.

What’s more, a restraining order is nothing more than a piece of paper in Drita’s eyes, because “nothing will stop her” from hurting Farrah for running her mouth.

The feud all started from their joint appearance at the Scores nightclub in Atlantic City, NJ, over the weekend. The owner of the club thanked Drita, and Farrah thought that he was giving her “too much attention.”

“She thinks who she is,” an insider said, referring to Farrah Abraham.

That’s when Farrah took to her Instagram story to blast the owner of the Lady Boss by Drita line of cosmetics, claiming that she was “done” with other reality people because they were “f***ed up” and “unprofessional pieces of s***.” Alrighty then!

She then went on to call Drita a “has-been” and claimed she didn’t know why the owner of Scores paired them up to host the night.

To say Drita took exception to these comments would be an understatement, because Drita took her Instagram story to return the lobby, claiming that she didn’t know why Farrah was being “fake,” but warning her that she messed with the “wrong motherf*****” and promising to “beat the s***” out of her.

Farrah Abraham hasn’t said a word since.