Kaepernick Attorney Mark Geragos Promises Big News This Week About Collusion Case Against The NFL

After many weeks of depositions taken in Colin Kaepernick’s collusion case against the NFL, attorney Mark Geragos said that big news is coming this week. Both Kaepernick and Eric Reid have filed formal grievances against the league alleging that team owners have made a pact to not offer either man a job. Geragos seems to allude that the investigation is about to take a turn.

As reported by Breitbart, on his June 23 Reasonable Doubt podcast, Geragos said that while he couldn’t reveal any details, he could promise that the announcement would be well worth the wait.

“I will just say stay tuned that next week there will be news on Kap and on Eric Reid. That’s all I can say right now,” Geragos said. “I’m going to say, as you’re listening to this, there will be news next week.”

While Kaepernick and Reid have been all but silent in public and on social media, both men have remained active in their philanthropic and social justice endeavors. Kaepernick has been visibly active in his case as he has reportedly attended nearly all of the depositions himself.

CNN reported that part of the reason little has been said by the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is due to the NFL ruling requiring players to be on the field during the pre-game ceremony where they must “stand and show respect for the flag and for the Anthem.” The ruling offers a compromise where players may opt to stay in the locker room. Any team whose players violate the new league policy, which was passed in late May, will be subject to a fine.

Attorney Mark Geragos

When GQ Magazine chose Kaepernick as their Citizen of the Year, the story highlighted the fact that Kaepernick has embraced the power that lies in his silence. He has allowed his actions to speak louder than his words.

“But Colin also made it clear to us that he intended to remain silent. As his public identity has begun to shift from football star to embattled activist, he has grown wise to the power of his silence.”


Kaepernick and Reid are both free agents who have proven to be healthy, capable, and talented athletes. With the new ruling along with the admissions from team owners that Donald J. Trump influenced their decision about national anthem protests, it is believed that Geragos has been able to build a strong case for his clients. Time will tell.