College Instructors Losing Health Coverage Under Obamacare

Robert Jonathan - Author

Mar. 21 2017, Updated 3:47 a.m. ET

Colleges and universities are bastions of support for Barack Obama, but even they are trying to avoid the mandates of Obamacare.

Similar to what is being played out in other industries, academia is cutting back on the hours of adjunct (i.e., part-time) faculty so that they aren’t eligible for heath insurance coverage under the so-called Affordable Care Act.

Many colleges rely heavily on adjunct instructors, who often work via semester-to-semester contracts without the cushy job security of full professors, to do the actual classroom teaching while the latter is engaged in “research.” As it is, many adjuncts in colleges and universities don’t qualify for much in the way of employee benefits.

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Moreover, hard-working adjuncts — who don’t earn anything near what the pro rata share of a full-timer professor’s course load would be — in general are in a tricky position. They have to uphold academic standards in their course teaching, yet they run the risk of receiving negative evaluations from disgruntled students which could jeopardize their contract status moving forward.

The American Interest website addresses the “side effects” of Obamacare when it comes to part-time college teachers:

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“A new piece in the Wall Street Journal reports that many colleges are cutting back on the number of hours worked by adjunct professors, in order to avoid new requirements that they provide healthcare to anyone working over 30 hours per week. This is terrible news for a lot of people; 70 percent of professors work as adjuncts and many will now have to cope with a major pay cut just as requirements that they buy their own health insurance go into effect …

“This isn’t the first time we’ve seen serious unintended consequences from Obamacare, and it’s unlikely to be the last. It’s already become painfully obvious that the law’s creators failed to think through its full implications.”

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If you’re an Obama supporter, do you still believe that creating a massive government bureaucracy enabled by thousands of pages of regulations will really expand healthcare insurance and make it less expensive?


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