Website For N.C. Republican Candidate Says God Is A White Supremacist, Jews Are Descended From Satan

A North Carolina Republican has lost his party’s support after a local report found a website connected to him that claimed God is a white supremacist and that Jews are descended from Satan.

Russell Walker is running for the North Carolina General Assembly, but will likely face an uphill battle after the Charlotte Observer uncovered a website espousing racist views. Walker had previously advertised the website as belonging to him, and the Southern Poverty Law Center found that the site belonged to the Republican candidate.

On the site, Walker defended white supremacist views and claimed that Jews were descended from Satan.

“What is wrong with being a white supremacist? God is a racist and a white supremacist,” the website claimed.

“Someone or group has to be supreme and that group is the whites of the world… someone or something has to be inferior… In all history in sub-Saharan Africa, no two-story building or a waterproof boat was ever made.”

Another post claimed that Martin Luther King Jr. was an “agent of Satan” who wanted to “destroy the Caucasian race through mixing and integration.”

This was not the first time that Walker has advertised his racist views. As the Charlotte Observer noted, he previously protested outside a North Carolina newspaper holding signs that read “What is wrong with being a racist” and “God is a racist.”

Walker is not the only openly racist candidate running for office as a Republican. As Al Jazeera noted, there is growing concern about a rise in white supremacist candidates for all levels of office. This includes Arthur Jones, a Republican running for Congress in Illinois who has openly denied the Holocaust. Republicans had tried to keep Jones off the ballot, but he won an unopposed primary and will be on the ballot in November.

Jones faces opposition from many members of his own party, including Senator Ted Cruz who this week called on voters to cast their ballot for the Democrat or write in another candidate rather than voting for Jones.

“This is horrific. An avowed Nazi running for Congress,” tweeted Cruz. “To the good people of Illinois, you have two reasonable choices: write in another candidate, or vote for the Democrat. This bigoted fool should receive ZERO votes.”

Despite the Republican Party withdrawing its support, Russell Walker will remain on the ballot in November and has not said if he has any plans to drop out of the race.

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