NBA Rumors: Cavaliers To Keep Kevin Love And Re-Sign Jeff Green, 'Cleveland Plain Dealer' Cites

Ernest Shepard

Kevin Love is slated to be a mainstay for the Cleveland Cavaliers regardless of what LeBron James does in NBA free agency. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that the Cavaliers are intent on keeping Kevin Love going forward, while looking to re-sign Jeff Green.

Those are confirmed decisions that the Cleveland Cavaliers have made without any prior knowledge of LeBron James' intentions. LeBron James has decided to decline his option for the 2017-18 NBA season, according to Doing so opens up a realistic possibility that James will play elsewhere next season. Meanwhile, the Cavaliers have to move on with or without LeBron James.

If LeBron James leaves, as many people have speculated, the Cavaliers will look to build a winning team around Kevin Love.

Kevin Love was the subject of NBA trade rumors days ago. According to The Spun, an NBA trade rumor regarding Love and the Phoenix Suns began circulating. That rumor has since fizzled out, but it spoke of Love's value around the NBA.

An idea of a Cavaliers team led by Kevin Love is not something to ignore. In fact, if several things come into play, it could boost Love's overall value across the NBA.

If LeBron James flees the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Love immediately becomes the face of the franchise. Love could lead the Cavaliers to the playoffs in a diminished Eastern Conference. Love has widely been viewed as good player, though not a star. Getting the Cavaliers to the postseason next spring changes the perception.

Playing behind LeBron James assuredly led to the decline in Kevin Love's statistics and his overall impact on the Cavaliers. Few outside of the Cavaliers' organization have a handle on how good Love still is. Getting out of LeBron James' shadow alters that.

The Cleveland Cavaliers likely view Kevin Love as a player who is capable of averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds next season. Anything close to those numbers will justify the Cavaliers' decision to hold on to him.

What is becoming a summer routine for the NBA offseason, everyone is wondering where LeBron James will play next. The Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the teams that LeBron James is considering, however, the Cavaliers have a contingency plan in place if James leaves.