Tristan Thompson’s Mistress Would Reportedly Love To Get Pregnant With His Child, According to ‘In Touch’

Lani Blair reportedly will not let Tristan Thompson go.

lani blair
Raoul Gatchalian / AP Images

Lani Blair reportedly will not let Tristan Thompson go.

Tristan Thompson’s alleged mistress, Lani Blair, reportedly wants a child of her own, and she would love for the NBA star to be the father.

According to a June 29 report by In Touch Weekly Magazine, Lani Blair allegedly wants to be a mom, and she thinks having Tristan Thompson’s baby would be wonderful. Of course, there is one big problem. Tristan is currently dating Khloe Kardashian, and the couple recently welcomed their daughter, True.

Sources are telling the magazine that Lani Blair believes that Tristan Thompson is a great father, and that she would like it if he fathered her future children. In addition, Lani believes that Tristan is staying with Khloe Kardashian out of guilt, and that he would much rather be with her instead.

“Lani would love to have a baby by Tristan. She thinks he’s an excellent father and that a baby of their own would make them that much closer. [Lani] knows [Tristan’s] only with Khloe because of True but knows deep down Tristan doesn’t want Khloe. He wants Lani instead.”

In addition, sources claim that Tristan Thompson has asked Lani Blair to stop dancing for money, but she would only do that if she and the NBA star were to have a child. Otherwise, Lani believes that Tristan is being possessive, and she doesn’t want to change her life unless he’s ready to make a commitment to her.

“Tristan already wants her to stop dancing for money and she would if Tristan would be with her only and have a baby with her. Lani thinks [Tristan’s] request is too possessive, especially since she’s not his main girl. She told him she’s going to continue to do her unless he’s ready to step up and give her the world.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lani Blair is allegedly living in Tristan Thompson’s home in Cleveland. Khloe and Tristan moved back to L.A. for the summer in early June, and Lani is now living in their lakeside mansion in Ohio.

Sources tell In Touch that Lani is “unbelievably happy” that Khloe Kardashian is no longer living in Cleveland, and that she loves having Tristan’s house all to herself. An insider claims that the house feels like home to Blair and that she will be able to stay there for quite awhile, because Thompson has told her that Kardashian won’t be back for a “long time.”