President Trump Plans To Make Supreme Court Nomination On July 9, Says He Is Considering Two Women

Everybody has been buzzing about the Supreme Court since Justice Anthony Kennedy announced on Wednesday that he would be retiring at the end of July. President Donald Trump is not going to waste any time in nominating a replacement, and he has just shared some updates on that front.

It has been reported that Trump has been working off of a list of 25 names made up primarily of judges who are serving in state and federal courts right now. According to the Chicago Tribune, the president has already narrowed his list of preferred possibilities down to just five names. He plans to meet with at least a couple of people over the weekend, and he says he will formally announce his decision on July 9.

Trump told reporters that he considers his preferred candidates to all be “highly talented, very brilliant, mostly conservative judges.” It comes as no surprise that he is focused on conservative judges, especially considering the potential of overturning Roe v. Wade with a new judge on the Supreme Court. Interestingly, the president says that he does not intend to ask his candidates how they feel about the landmark court case.

Who will Trump pick? There are plenty of theories floating around, and he says that he anticipates interviewing six or seven potential candidates. Of those he is considering at this point, apparently, two of them are women. He plans to have at least one or two candidates visit him over the weekend at his private golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, and his search will shift into high-gear on Monday, once he returns to the White House.

The Inquisitr previously detailed that William Pryor, Jr., Don Willett, and Brett Kavanaugh are all considered to be high on the list of potential candidates for Trump. The president says he is proud of Neil Gorsuch, the judge he appointed last year, so he is looking for a nominee who is relatively similar. Some have theorized that Utah Senator Mike Lee might be a strong contender, and the president did specifically mention him in talking with reporters on Air Force One.

Which two women are on Trump’s short list for the Supreme Court? NPR has shared the list of 25 potential candidates that the president is supposedly referencing, and there are a handful of women included. Some have mentioned former Marine Margaret Ryan as a possibility, and The Hill notes that Amy Coney Barrett is also a likely contender.

Clearly, President Donald Trump does not plan to take long to make his decision on this front. Will a woman become his next nominee, or will he stick with one of the men on his list? This Supreme Court Justice opening has everybody on edge, from both sides of the aisle, and it could be interesting to see how the confirmation process proceeds.

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