Ex-NASA Scientist Claims UFOs Are Real And Governments Have Been Covering It Up

A former NASA physics professor has made an explosive claim: UFOs are real, and governments all over the world have been covering it up for years.

Kevin Knuth, who once belonged on the faculty of SUNY Albany, made his claims in the Daily Mail. He said that he first recognized that UFOs are real in 2002, when he attended the NASA Contact Conference. He said that while human beings are afraid of the possibility that they may not be alone in the universe, the alternative — that we aren’t alone, and there are extra-terrestrial beings — is just as frightening, if not moreso.

But even though he believes it’s a conversation that we all should be having, skepticism about the topic prevents serious scientific research from happening.

And while many countries have been declassifying their UFO files since 2008, it only goes to show that they’ve been actively involved in covering up their knowledge of UFOs for decades. Knuth said that Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, France, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom are just a few of the many countries that have been actively involved in the “great cover-up.”

“There were about 300 billion stars in the galaxy, many of them billions of years older than the sun, with a large percentage of them likely to host habitable planets. Even if intelligent life developed on a very small percentage of these planets, then there should be a number of intelligent civilizations in the galaxy.”

Knuth isn’t alone in his speculation that UFOs are real.

According to New York Magazine, the American government has not only recently admitted that it takes claims of UFOs seriously, but it has done so since the 1950s. One of the reasons that the government chose to keep their knowledge of UFOs a secret was because they felt the American people were prone to “mass hysteria” when it came to the topic. To tamp down the public’s reaction to it all, they chose to put forth a disinformation campaign. But their efforts only succeeded in making the American people more — not less — interested in the subject of UFOs.

And according to NPR, there’s been a secret organization called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program that’s been in existence for decades, and their sole purpose is to investigate alien life forms that crash on planet Earth.

While the organization tried to downplay what its purpose is — claiming that they solely exist to determine if an airborne object is a “threat to national security” — Luis Elizondo, the former director of the program, said that he admits that most airborne objects come from an “unknown” source.

All of this evidence suggests, at the very least, that UFOs are real, and their existence serves to further open the conversation about them.

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