Susan Sarandon Arrested At Protest Of Trump Immigration Policy, Tells Supporters To ‘Keep Fighting’

J. Scott ApplewhiteAP Images

Susan Sarandon was arrested for taking part in a massive demonstration against Donald Trump’s immigration policy in Washington D.C. on Thursday.

Sarandon, an accomplished actress, has been a fierce critic of America’s president, actively agitating against many of the policies championed by the current administration. On Thursday, she took part in a huge protest organized by Women’s March, demanding that Trump reverse the “zero tolerance” immigration policy and reunite the families separated on the southern border over the last few weeks.

Donald Trump has faced international condemnation for his tough execution of the new policy since April, which has seen more than 2300 children being separated from their undocumented parents. Last week, Trump was forced to admit that the separation of families had to be disallowed after intensifying backlash, but he has continued to advocate the “zero tolerance” policy, ordering the military to build detention centers as the numbers of illegal immigrants being detained is set to swell dramatically in the coming months.

Sarandon walked with thousands of women to demand an end to the detention centers, with the march culminating in a sit-in at the Hart Senate Office, as reported by People. Many of the protesters wrapped themselves up in foil in attempts to remind the administration of the inhumanity of the current immigration policy, where children have been seen given silver blankets to avoid the cold in the dead of night.

Sarandon was constantly tweeting to her followers during the protest. A few hours after having first tweeted, she announced that she had been arrested by the Capitol Police.

A few hours after having announced her arrest, Sarandon tweeted another picture from the event, celebrating the initiative taken by women to confront the immigration policies of Donald Trump.

Capitol Police later confirmed that 575 people had been arrested for the “unlawful” demonstrations, although Women’s March claimed that the number of women arrested stood close to 630.

Sarandon continued to share information about the protest and encouraged others to join her throughout the length of the event.

This is not the first time that the Thelma and Louise actress has marched in Washington to demonstrate against Donald Trump or his policies. She was part of the momentous march that took place in the capital city after Trump won the election, while she has continued to be vocal on social media and elsewhere about the need for common people to get more involved with the American political system.

In an interview last year, Sarandon claimed that she was, in fact, happy that Donald Trump had become America’s president because his ascendancy had led to a wider awakening.

“I’m actually optimistic because I think we’re seeing an amazing revolution happening. Not by the people that claim to be political but by Americans, and I have great faith in America. You’re seeing more people running that have never run.”