Blood Moon 2018 Prophecy Suggests July Eclipse Will Trigger End Of The World, Says Christian ‘Prophet’

A Christian “prophet” is predicting that the Blood Moon that will occur in July will signal the end times, The Express is reporting. That prophet has predicted the end of the world multiple times before, however, and he’s always been wrong (or has he?).

Paul Begley is an American Christian preacher who is all about Biblical prophecy, about which he speaks frequently on his YouTube channel. And in his latest prophecy-related video, “Prophecy Now: ‘Blood Moon’ Prophetic Times For War Or Peace,” you can tell that the upcoming Blood Moon has got him excited.

The “Blood Moon,” for those not familiar, is a poetic term referring to a lunar eclipse. As explains, as the Moon dips into the Earth’s shadow, sunlight is scattered in such a way that the Moon appears red, the color of blood. Please note that there’s a lot more science to the explanation, so what you’ve read in this paragraph is only the most basic of basic explanations.

The upcoming Blood Moon, which will take place on July 27/28, is going to be quite the humdinger. With totality lasting for an hour and 43 minutes, it will be the longest, and quite possibly the most spectacular, Blood Moon of this century. Unfortunately, it won’t be visible in North America.

That’s indescribably cool, especially if space is your thing. But is there more to it?

To Paul Begley, there is.

“Are you serious? The Blood Moon that’s coming July 27, 2018, will be the longest Blood Moon of the century and it’s happening on the 70th year of Israel as a nation… This is such a prophetic day because even Mars will be at its closest proximity to the Earth than it’s been in 15 years and all the planets are aligned on one side.”

By the way, no, the planets are not all aligned on one side, nor will they be any time soon, according to this map you can see on The Sky Live.

Begley goes on to mention recent events, such as an earthquake in the Galapagos Islands and recent volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, and cites them against Biblical prophecy speaking of “great earthquakes” and “the Moon turning red.”

Since the Inquisitr is not a theological publication, this is not the place to discuss theology and how Begley’s observations square up with the Bible. But what we can say is that lunar eclipses happen twice per year, and it’s been that way for the billions of years that the Earth and the Moon have been things. And not one of them has signaled the end of the world. This upcoming Blood Moon will be extra-cool as far as Blood Moons go, but scientifically speaking, that’s about all there is to it.

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