Thanksgiving cakes that nightmares are made of

I always thought Thanksgiving was about pies, not cakes so maybe that is why these horrendous examples of cake baking are a double threat for causing you nightmares. It’s bad enough that these things look like rejects from a cooking class of the Wives of New York City without them also insulting the true tradition of pumpkin pie.

Some-one let the Alien chest popping creature lose.


See what you can do with a sand pail once you turn it upside down


Who let the dog near the cake before taking him outside?


Looks like the Great Pumpkin came back to haunt us in disguise


Where are my sunglasses the glare is killing me


Nothing like a bit of camo to provide some authenticity I guess


I’m not even sure where to go with this one.

turkey-dumphat tip to Buzzfeed