Spoilers For 'The Bachelorette,' Episode 6: Drama With Chris Randone Leaves Becca Kufrin Wanting Time Alone

A new sneak peek sharing Bachelorette spoilers for Week 6 has just emerged and this gives some important context to some of what has been teased about the upcoming July 2 show. It has previously been shared by the Inquisitr that Chris Randone will be feeling worked up and things will go from bad to worse when it comes to his relationship with Becca Kufrin. What's the latest?

Entertainment Tonight shares the latest sneak peek into Episode 6. The Bachelorette spoilers have teased that Becca Kufrin will confront Chris Randone over something and she will mention someone feeling physically threatened. Now, the new preview shows more from this awkward interaction. It looks like this is during a group date after party and Becca will question Chris about issues with fellow bachelor Connor Obrochta.

Chris will try to spend some one-on-one time with Becca and he'll casually ask how she's been doing. It looks like Kufrin will hesitate and decide she needs some insight from him, and she'll ask if Connor Obrochta had ever roomed with him and then switched rooms due to worrying that Randone would "lose it."

The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that Becca will feel uncomfortable trying to discuss this, but she'll feel that she needs to get to the bottom of all this guy drama surrounding Chris. Randone initially will seem perplexed, even wondering if this is a joke, then he will tell Kufrin that this makes him feel extremely uncomfortable.

Becca will tell Chris that this is why she wants to figure this all out, noting that she's heard from multiple guys that Randon is verbally abusive and that they are uncomfortable around him. He will say that this is fabricated and it's not right, and it seems that before he can say much more, Garrett Yrigoyen will come to spend some time with Becca.

Randone will walk away and Yrigoyen will sit down with Kufrin, but she'll be quite flustered by her interaction with Chris. Viewers know that Becca and Garrett have shared some fiery chemistry with one another, but she'll be so shaken by this last conversation that she'll actually admit that she needs a few minutes alone. As this is playing out, Chris will confront Connor downstairs in front of the other guys.

The Bachelorette spoilers indicate that Garrett will offer to go back down to where the other guys are, and Becca promises to find him in a few minutes. They hug and Yrigoyen goes back downstairs, where he questions Randone on what happened during his conversation with Becca.

The guys will all be buzzing as Chris makes his accusations and Garrett returns, and they'll be confused about why he didn't get to talk to Becca. Yrigoyen will voice his frustrations toward Randone, pointing out that the conversation they had really messed with Kufrin.

"Whatever you said to her up there put her in a head state where it just f**ked up the whole night."
The Bachelorette spoilers hint that this won't be the end of the drama with Randone in Episode 6, and he'll try to talk with Kufrin again at a later point. However, she may have had her fill of these awkward moments and he is said to leave before the next rose ceremony.

During Episode 5, which also had some tough moments between Becca and Chris, Randone tweeted that it was a hard one to watch. The Bachelorette spoilers make it sound as if the Week 6 show set to air on Monday, July 2 will be pretty tough to watch as well. Becca Kufrin has said she's engaged and fans are anxious for the drama to subside so they can watch the rest of her love story play out this season.