Ariana Grande Launches New Fragrance: Ariana Grande Cloud Will Debut This Fall

John Palmer / MediaPunch /IPXAP Images

Ariana Grande is launching another fragrance! Ariana Grande Cloud will hit store shelves, in a limited capacity, in the fall, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

You may not have known this, but one of Ariana’s favorite things is clouds. She often shares pictures of clouds on Instagram to her 120 million followers, and she and bae Pete Davidson have cloud tattoos. So it makes perfect sense that she’d name her new fragrance after her favorite thing.

“I love clouds, and I love this new fragrance. It is my favorite one yet.”

Cloud will have a more sophisticated and mature look than her previous fragrances like Ari, Sweet Like Candy, Moonlight, and her limited-edition projects. Rather than the whimsical packaging of earlier properties, Cloud will feature a blue glass bottle emerging from a puff of clouds.


Joel Ronkin, chief executive officer of Luxe Brands, says that Ariana is the perfect superstar to sell perfumes, due to her close connection to her fans.

“She has connections with her fans that are hard to match. She’s that rare combination being aspirational and also seen as real and down to earth. When you get the right celebrity matched with an authentic brand, you can win at retail. She has a community talking about the brand and how much they love it.”

Win at retail indeed: so far, Ariana’s collection of fragrances has brought in $150 million. And Cloud, which will be issued by Luxe Brands, is expected to fly off the shelves. Industry estimates say it will likely bring in $50 million.

Similarly, Penny Coy, vice president of merchandising for prestige skin care and fragrance at Ulta Beauty, expects fans to go nuts for the new fragrance.

“Since Day One, our guests have loved the Ariana Grande family of fragrances and we expect nothing less with the latest addition.”

Cloud will hit the shelves of Ulta Beauty locations in the U.S., Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, Douglas in Europe, and Boots in the U.K., on September 1, and will eventually make its way to other retailers later in the fall.

Ariana’s stock has been rising of late. She recently got engaged to Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, and recently turned up sporting a ring that’s rumored to have cost $93,000. She and Pete also bought a house together, although it was mostly Ariana who paid for the house, considering she’s considerably wealthier than the young comedian.