Home Invaders Torture 7-Year-Old Boy To Get Parents To Give Up Their Valuables, Police Say

Terrifying details of a robbery gone awry are being brought to light today.

According to Radar Online, horror struck a family in Fort Bend County, Texas, in the wee hours of Monday morning. A report says that three masked men tortured a young, 7-year-old boy in order to get his parents to share information on where their valuables were hidden. In addition to dunking the child repeatedly in a hot bathtub, the criminals also hit the boy’s father over the head with an object, causing blunt force trauma to the head. The men ended up fleeing the scene with jewelry, cell phones, and the father’s wallet.

Both the boy and his father were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. From the repeated dunking, the 7-year-old suffered a fluid build up in his lungs and the father was treated for his head injury. Once they arrived at the hospital, authorities were called so that they could do a thorough investigation as the three masked men remain at large. Luckily, the boy and his father are expected to make a full recovery and have since been released from the hospital.

Photos of the three suspects from surveillance video inside the home have been released as well as video footage of the men entering the home from the outside. Due to the graphic nature and language in the video, footage from inside of the home was not released to the public. The police are hoping that sharing the suspects’ photos with the public will aid them in making an arrest.

“This is the worst kind of crime against a family. Three crooks forcing their way into a home in the middle of the night is appalling. To make matters worse, they accosted a 7-year-old child. They’re cowards, to say the least. Someone has information; give Crime Stoppers a call,” Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls said in a press conference.

The suspects are described as three masked black men. From the photos, it appears that one suspect can be seen wearing a rare, vintage Air Jordan hooded sweatshirt while another suspect wears bright red sneakers that are also believed to be Jordans. It is also being reported that there was a fourth suspect who waited outside and drove the getaway vehicle.

And the Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers is wasting no time in getting these dangerous men caught. They are offering a $25,000 reward for anyone who has information that leads to the arrest of the suspects.

Hopefully, the footage will help police in making an arrest.

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