‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap Wed. June 27: Hope Scorns Sally, Katie Learns Of Wyatt & Sally, Liam’s Concern

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Bold and the Beautiful recap for Wednesday, June 28 states that Pam (Alley Mills) is still upset about Hope (Annika Noelle) and Liam (Scott Clifton) working together. She feels that Hope may use this chance to get to Liam. She notes that just because Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Liam are not yet married, it doesn’t mean that Liam is on the market. According to Soap Central, Pam points out to Charlie (Dick Christie) that a child is involved and that means that Hope should back off because it is not open season on Liam.

Eric (John McCook) called a meeting with Thorne (Ingo Rademacher), Hope (Annika Noelle), and Quinn (Rena Sofer). Bold and the Beautiful recap, via She Knows Soaps, says that Wyatt asked him to find a job for someone he is seeing. He says that this person comes from a fashion background and he would like her to work on the Hope for the Future line. He announces that that person is Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). Eric feels that even though she did Forrester Creations wrong when she stole designs from them, Bill (Don Diamont) had put her in a tight spot and had effectively ruined her. Since this is the only thing that his stepson, Wyatt (Darin Brooks), has required of him, he is going to go ahead and hire her. He calls Sally.

Sally and Wyatt are basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking the previous evening. Since he tried to help find her a job and she met her mother, they’re basically engaged. Sally gets a call from Eric who tells her they have a job for her on the Hope for the Future line. She leaves.


At Forrester Creations, Katie (Heather Tom) and Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) are also affectionate before he informs her that Wyatt also has a new lady in his life. Katie seems shocked but says that she has to accept it. He then fills her in that she will be working with the woman, and that she is Sally Spectra. Katie is floored. She denies that she’s jealous, instead pointing out that Sally tried to steal from them before. Thorne asks her if she is more worried about Sally and Forrester Creations, or Sally and Wyatt.


In the meantime, Liam arrived at Wyatt’s beach house. He’s showing off pictures of baby Kelly. Wyatt tells him that he has a new woman in his life. When Liam asks him if he knows the lady, he reveals that it’s Sally Spectra. He proceeds to tell Liam how she came to be crashing at his house although he says that it hadn’t been like “that” that evening. Thinking about the events of the night they first ran into each other, he concedes that it had almost been like that. Liam asked him how things currently were between them. “Yeah, it is like that,” Wyatt gives in. Liam asks Wyatt to look out for Sally since she’s been through a lot. To top it all, Sally would now be around Steffy and Hope, and she sometimes acted impulsively when emotional.

At Forrester, Sally is told that she has the job. She tells Eric that he won’t regret his decision. However, when she meets Hope, Hope implies that she ran from Liam to Thomas (Pierson Fode) and now is with Wyatt. Sally agrees that she is now seeing Wyatt but never was with Liam. She also tells Hope that she knows she used to be married to Wyatt. However, Sally would prefer discussing her duties. Hope snidely replies that Sally will never be a designer at Forrester Creations, and if it was up to her, she would get rid of her.