'Days Of Our Lives' June 27: Ciara Calls Claire & Opens Up To Ben, Abby Pregnant, DiMera Face Off [Recap]

On today's June 27 episode of Days of our Lives, the Salem PD's search for Ciara continues. Hope has been worried sick ever since her daughter went missing and her fears weren't calmed when she finally received a phone call from Ciara. Forensic evidence has come back regarding the boot print that was found at Ciara's accident site. Hope makes a shocking discovery when she realizes that the sanitarium Ben Weston was recently released from purchases boots from that manufacturer.

Meanwhile, Days fans witness a connection growing between Ciara and her rescuer, who is in fact, Ben.

Ciara assures Ben that she wants to stay at the cabin with him. She can't do anything until her leg gets better but there is something that she can take care of right now. Ciara makes the bold decision to call her niece, Claire.

She wants Claire to fulfill the modeling contract for Bella Magazine. Ciara implores Claire to "just say yes and be happy. Somebody should be." Before she can hang up, Tripp grabs the phone.

Tripp tells Ciara that he felt rejected by her. He didn't know the full story. Ciara claims that it wasn't Claire's story to tell and Ciara shouldn't have had to say anything until she was ready to tell it. Tripp wants to be with Ciara but she pushes him toward Claire, "a nice normal girl." She believes that he should have "someone who hasn't been raped."

After her phone call, Ciara breaks down in tears. Ben approaches her and tells her that he couldn't help but overhear.
"Nobody in their right mind would trust a serial killer but you don't trust anyone."
Ciara responds by saying that Ben can't hurt her any worse than she has already been hurt.

Ben reaches out and touches her, promising that he will never hurt her. She opens up to him about the way she felt when Tripp kissed her, as well as feeling like she is "damaged goods."

Back in Salem, at the DiMera mansion, Days of our Lives viewers witness Chad telling Stefan to stay away from Abby and his family. Stefan quipped that he had hoped Chad was there to mend fences. Stefan states, "there was a time I hoped we could forge a bond," since there aren't many DiMeras left.
"I'm going to take all this back. You'll leave Salem and you'll wish that you never came... You may have given yourself our father's name. I knew the man. I learned from him. You didn't."
Stefan tells his brother that he hid Abby's illness because she would have had to answer for killing Andre. She had no choice but to turn to Stefan. Chad can say anything he wants but the truth remains that the alternate personality Gabby is now part of Abby and always will be. A part of Chad's wife wants and loves his brother. "I'd like to know how that makes you feel," Stefan asks him. Stefan continues to goad Chad."May the best brother win," he says.

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Gabbi runs into Abby in the square. This is the first time they have seen each other since Abby's testimony sent Gabi to prison. Gabi is understandably upset with Abby, who used to be her best friend. She informs Abby that her daughter doesn't want anything to do with her. Gabi continues to put words into Abby's mouth, refusing to let Abby speak a full statement.

"I can't believe that your therapy only took the amount of time that I spent in prison for the second crime I didn't commit."
Days viewers have been waiting for Abby to finally take the pregnancy test she purchased at the pharmacy. When Gabi grabs the bag away from her, Abby admits that she is two months late and believes that she is pregnant with Stefan's baby.

Gabi points out that she could also be pregnant with Chad's child. There is a 50 percent chance that either man could be the father. Abby wonders why Gabi has had a sudden change of heart and is suddenly being nice. Gabi insists that she still cares about her friend.

In the final scene for today's June 27 episode of Days of our Lives, the ladies enter Brady Pub. A short while later Abby comes out of the bathroom. The pregnancy test has come back positive.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.