Doug Armstrong Weight-Loss Pictures: 'My 600-LB Life' Leads To Total Transformation As Doug Drops 220 Pounds

Doug Armstrong was 684 pounds and light on hope when he first appeared on My 600-LB Life, but now the giant Texas man has transformed his life -- and has the weight-loss pictures to prove it.

Standing at 6-foot-6, Armstrong had a difficult time carrying his enormous stature after a lifetime of trauma and bad eating habits led him to gain hundreds of pounds. When he appeared on My 600-LB Life, he was ready to change his life and is remembered by fans as one of the most enthusiastic participants among a group that can often be resistant to make changes. Now, as Life & Style Magazine reported, Doug Armstrong has continued to transform his life.

As the publication noted, Doug dropped more than 220 pounds as he overcame his childhood abuse and the bad eating habits it caused. Doug said he was motivated to change for his family, and was able to push through some early difficulties in dropping weight by going to therapy and working on the emotional side of his pain.

"If I don't make these changes that I need to make, what kind of relationship am I gonna have with my children?" he asked. "I've gotta do something so I can be around for these kids. I have to change now."

There were plenty of issues to get beyond. As Doug explained in his initial episode, his mother left their family when he was very young and his father, a military man, was unable to give them any kind of stability.

"My dad did the best he could — he was in the military, though, so he was away a lot of the time," Doug said in his initial episode (via Us Weekly). "We had a lot of nannies — I don't know how many of those were actually nannies and how many were friends of my dad."

The change has been significant. Doug Armstrong has shared pictures of the progress he has made since appearing on My 600-LB Life, showing how he dropped hundreds of pounds. Doug is now able to go on outings with his family, including a trip to the beach with his wife and children. And fans of the show get a chance to see his drastically different frame on the "Where Are They Now?" special that highlights his life after first appearing.

More pictures of Doug Armstrong's weight-loss after appearing on My 600-LB Life can be seen here.